Friday, 27 November 2015

Old skool painting

I came across an old painting guide a few weeks ago and it got me thinking. The guide in question is a Citadel painting guide titled; Space Marine Painting Guide. Although I'm not sure of the exact vintage of the guide, but I believe (after a brief search) that its from 1989, which is a while before I got in to the game, being as I was 6 at the time!

So what caught my eye over the newer painting guides, which are definitely better in terms of painting effects and techniques. Well, mostly the schemes used, mostly those used to distinguish the various specialities, such as Chaplin, Techmarine and Librarian.

Chaplin, Librarian, Medic, Techmarine
The set up from way back when is very different from how it is today, with most marines showing none of the additions that many show today. Take for the example the pic above, the techmarine is not in red armour or with a thousand and one additions on his pack, he's just a marine with a spanner and a marking on his shoulder pad. The blood angle medic is similarly dressed, with no extras, the only one that could pass itself off on todays board is the Libby, mostly cos he's an Ultramarine. The difference is also visible for the Salamanders below, with the Chaplin only designated by his helmet and the vet showing standard markings, just with the colours reversed. The medics markings are more obvious with the Salamander then on the BA above due to the base colour of the model.
Salamanders Chaplin (A), Medic (B), Vet (C)
The Blood Angles guide
The Blood Angles guide doesn't show much difference from today, although some of the symbols are slightly different. So what's the point in this post? Well, I'm planning on adjusting my Eagle Knights paint schemes to replicate the old school schemes. This will affect many of the models, specifically the Priest and the Captain, but also some of the vets, notable the Vanguard and the Death Company, who will be painted in the Vets style rather than in the DC style. If I have any models left over I will be adding extra HQ units, in the form of a Libby and Chaplin, to give me options. While I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to carry this plan out yet, mostly as I have not started painting the models, nor have I actually finalised my chapter symbol yet, although it will feature a shield (Knights) and three diagonal slashes (as from an Eagles claw).
Obviously, the main colours are going to be orange and black, so that may make the Chaplin/priest a little difficult to distinguish, so I may have to adjust that a little. But the medic should be easy as should the captain. The vets will also be interesting, but I suspect that it will be a simple reversal of the shoulder pad/arm colours. So, its going to be a while before I get around to painting up the models, although most of the squads are now gathered together, individually bagged, ready for assembly and/or modification.

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