Friday, 6 November 2015

BFG post 2

This post follows on from the previous one, where I talked a lot about a campaign idea. The original intent of the post wasn't to ponder campaign ideas, but the various fleets I would have in BFG but things kinda ran away from me.

So lets keep this post on track and launch straight in to the lists. I'll also talk about the Epic lists at the same time as they would also be tied in.

All the lists would be formatted to match there 40k characters, as such the marine lists would be something along these lines;

Emperors Disciples are a stand off and shoot army, as such the BFG fleet would contain large ships with lots of shooting power, such as several strike cruisers. While the Epic army would also be build to the fluff with lots of tactical and devastator units but few transports and dreads.

Eagle Knights BFG fleet would be formed of a cruiser and lots of smaller fast ships, designed around up-close and personal firepower, plus lots of transport capacity for launching boarding parties. The Epic army would contain lots of assault marines and vehicles, with the whole lot built around fast, mobile units as it the chapters preference.

The Dark Guardian BFG fleet would be formed of lots of smaller ships, with a mix of long and short range shooting with some assault. It would be very balanced in all areas, but formed of smaller craft, maybe with a strike cruiser but most likely just large escort ships at the centre. The Epic army would be full of Termies and bikes, of all types with few other units.

The imperial forces would be built in a similar fashion, with the Hjaltland LI BFG being formed of medium/small cruisers, fast and agile with good long range firepower and the epic army being mostly infantry with artillery support and lots of fliers.

The Hrossey MechInf BFG fleet would be a large battleship and cruisers, all with heavy long range firepower, and the Epic army would contain lots of vehicles including a few super heavy tanks.

The final army, based around the Dagr Ormr, would have a BFG fleet of fast small ships, with a couple of medium ships, with a good mix of shooting styles, and some boarding capacity. The epic army would be based around the elite units with some support, a mix of vehicles in support.

As you can see, the nature of the forces reflects the fluff created in the 40k universe and carries it over to the various other systems, as it should be. This would mean that I would end up with a lot of models across they systems, 6 of each, and seeing as I cant even finish one army in 40k, I doubt that I will ever get around to getting all these armies started, let alone finished. I might try to get two of each, one marine and one guard, just so that I could. This would also rely on either FFG rereleasing both systems or finding someone that has both the other systems to play against, which is unlikely on both points!

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