Friday, 13 November 2015

Hold the Press!! Specialist games are back!

Wow, this is something I thought I would never see! And right now I am a little bit sceptical about all the noise being made, as we don't quite know the full extent of all of this. And this hot on the hills of the new Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth! (which I'll talk about in another post)

So, specialist games are back in business, well, kinda, it seems they are going to become part of Forge World, or Forge World are going to become part of them, something like that. I'm sure that by now all of you will have seen the poster that some GW Australia store manager put together to advertise all this. (it's here if not - thanks Nafka). There are also all of the facebook posts and B&C/Warseer threads dedicated to this, so it is happening, which is brilliant!

My one questions at the moment is what is actually going to be released? Apparently Blood Bowl is ready, which would make sense, with the release of the new video game and also as a Christmas release it will be huge, BFG is also in the works, and will be ready sooner, rather than later, but will either be renamed Battlefleet Heresy or maybe just set in the heresy era, not sure which, was a little confused by the various posts. Still, I'm on-board for that one!

Epic is another game that was named in the rumours, but there have been a few people saying that this is not going to happen as it will clash with 40k Armageddon. How, I'm not sure as the two games are pretty different, as not many people can afford a 40k Warlord Titan, but pretty much everyone will be able to afford a Epic one or 3. So I really do hope that Epic is re-released as I really want to get back in to both Epic and BFG, as I've mentioned in a few posts.

One other game that takes my fancy is Necromunda. A MPPK for the houses would be great, with a few magnets you could keep things fresh and keep the narrative going really easily. I would definatly love to have a house or two for playing with.

I really think GW are moving in the right direction with all of this, afterall, look at the success of Dropzone commander and the Dropfleet kickstarter, along with firestorm armada and planetfall. Also worth a mention are Mantics Dreadball and Deadzone, plus the new kid, Guildball, not sure who makes that one though. It also makes sense to release this before Christmas, gives everyone time to add something to their wishlists and builds the hype, I never understand why GW don't do more publicity, apart from the crappy teaser videos.

All this gives me an issue though, I am going to have to thin down my model count to make space and provide so cash to spend on all this goodness, so I think all those spares figures that were just going to go in the spare box are going to have to find new homes, along side a few other models. I might have to loose an army or two, or at least thin them down, namely the Emperors Disciples and the Elite guard. The former being shrunk to an allied contingent with Sternguard and the other loosing its guard elements and probably its Taurox and Tauros vehicles, at least for a while.

I'm currently waiting with baited breath to find out what is really happening and what will actually be released, but I am very very excited right now.

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