Friday 6 March 2015

Model count

Right, I've been through my models and taken an inventory of everything I own. This was for two reasons, one I didn't actually know what I owned and two I keep buying stuff for projects with out actually knowing what I've already got! Not a good situation to be in!

So what do I own? Well, I've got a lot!

Currently I have 331 guardsmen, consisting of officers, medics, vox casters, flamers, plasma gunners, grenade launchers plus lots of other models. Also within that number there are 180 lasgun armed grunts and 33 heavy weapons, 6 of each type with an extra 3 missile launchers. In addition to the standard guardsmen and officers, I also have 4 commissars, 2 psykers, 4 priests, 9 ratlings, and 35 chaos cultists, which are being converted to various units, notably psykers and priests, in addition, a number will be converted to Inquisition models.

 I also have a number of vehicles, including a Hellhound, 3 Scout sentinels, 2 Wyverns, 3 Chimeras, 3 Leman Russ tanks, one old style battle tank with fixed HB sponsons and lascannon hull mount, one new style battle tank and one new style demolisher, a Valkyrie and also a Vendetta.

Granted this is not the usual list you'll see for a Guard collector as there are relatively few vehicles, but I prefer infantry based armies and massed lasguns.

My Tempestus force is a little smaller, consisting of only an officer, 4 sgt's, a medic, 4 vox casters, 3 HS volley gunners and 12 Scions. I will be getting more models in the future in order to be able to field a decent force, and hopefully the ground assault formation at some point but for the moment this is all I have.

The size of my SM collection was surprising, I didn't realise I owned as much as I did, but I guess that I shouldn't be to surprise when I own two DV box sets to start with. Anyway, the rest of the collection consists of;

3 Librarians, 4 Captain/CM models, 15 Termies, including 2 assault cannons, 1 heavy flamer and 2 chain fists, 52 CC armed marines, with a few plasma pistols and power weapons and a couple of lighting claw armed marines but mostly its chain swords and bolt pistols, 76 bolter marines plus two plasma gunners and 2 plasma cannons. There are also 10 bikes, 2 with plasma guns, 3 dreadnoughts, a Razorback with TL lascannons and 7 Rhinos.

There is a lack of heavy weapons in the marines, but I have a number ready to go with a little conversion work, so no worries there. I have also lumped in all my chaos marines in to the list above as they will be de-chaos'd and put to work for the Emperor. A number of the Rhinos will also be getting up grades, mostly to Razorbacks but one will become a Baal Predator.

Lastly, I have my Inquisition force which currently stands at an inquisitor in power armour and 2 cultists converted to crusaders with power axes, which will need converting to power swords.

So that's it, a nice little force, with pretty much everything I need. With all the extra bits I own, such as the jump packs I've been buying I should have everything I need to play all the lists I want to. Now I just have to find the time to build, convert and most importantly paint them all. Simple really!

I'll try one day, if I can to get as many of the models as I can out and photo them together. I use to have a picture off all my guard models arranged in parade formation, but that seems to have been lost over the course of time.

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