Friday, 13 March 2015

A new plan???

Right, I think that I may need a new plan for KotN, not to drastic a rethink but enough of one to warrent some proper thought. At present I'm looking at a primary detachment, an allied detachment and a formation, but I'm thinking of changing the allied and formation for a second detachment.

There are several reasons for this, the first being that I'm using the allied detachment to get my Sternguard unit in using the Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics, but this is of little use as the main one, Bolter Drill, doesn't work when firing special issue ammo, which they will be doing for the majority of the time and secondly, although the formation rules are good, I think I can gain better benefits from using the Blood Angles Detachment rules. The formation looses the +1I on assault, which when combined with a priest for +1WS and FNP, will make the Vanguard better, add in a Chaplin with a full assault squad and I believe it will work out better than the formation.

In reality, my list is not going to be tailored to anything, it's more of just a collection of units and an excercise to see how many different units I can take in one army. But I'm starting to think that a rethink of the core unit is what's needed to get all the units I want with all the upgrades I want in to the list.

If I wanted to give the top place a good shot, I would be bringing my full MT force with additional melta and plasma gunners, the Vanguard Strike Force with tooled up vets and both my fliers, although I'd have to figure a way to get the Vendetta in with the smallest, cheapest IG force I could. I'd use the IG to anchor the line behind an aegis, deep strike all the rest where they could do the most damage with their ap3 HS guns and lightening claws or power swords. It could be fun, but I'm not bothered about the top spot and it would be weird having so few IG models on the table!

Last minute edit!; Just had another loom through this and major, and I mean MAJOR miscalculation! So as a result a second rethink was called for and thins time I think I've cracked it! How? Well I'm back to a primary and an allied, but placing my Knights as the primary and the Hjaltland as allies. This means that I can take all the SM units; Priest, 2 Tacs, Sternguard, Vanguard, and an Assault Squad with the IG units being; Company Command, with Priest, Psykers and Commissars (non-FoC), MT platoon, Inf Platoon, Wyvern Sqn and Vendetta. This is the beauty of the plan, using the IG structure, taking just on one choice doesn't become a problem, after all a one choice doesn't mean one vehicle! So, the MT platoon will consist of a Command Squad and two Squads, the Inf platoon consists of a platoon command and 4 squads and the wyvern squadron will contain 2 vehicles. This still gives me a large presence of IG with out taking up a large amount of FoC slots. I'm hopeful to get a game in soon and test this list out to its full potential.

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