I thought I would put up a little bit about tactics. I personally won't be putting up many tactical reviews or articles, although I will write bits and pieces from time to time as I experience things. The reason that I won't be doing many articles is because there are already plenty of articles out there.

A good space marine review can be found over at the Fourth Company Librarium , There are a number of reviews from the codex, going through the various sections. There are also a number of good battle reports and all of the information on the Executioners is excellent. However, the blog has not be active for a while.

For the AM and MT the best place I have found is Cadia's Creed, again he hasn't been very active of late, the info is still very good. There are a large number of tactical articles, for both factions, are excellent. Although I don't always agree with some of the conclusions, (a rare occurrence I might add) I would still highly recommend having a read.

For general reviews, mostly about Space Marines and some very good battle reports, you should check out St. Andrews Wargaming.

The Burning Eye is another source of marine, and now Primaris, inspiration and there are also some very good DE stuff as well. Other blogs I have recently been keeping an eye on are Warhammer 40k blog, a very good source of Guard informationand tactical advice and Mordian 7th, which currently has some superb Sons of Horus and Exodite Eldar stuff going on.

If your a fluff lover, such as myself, I can really only think of one blog, Devos IV. The story that runs through the blog is amazing and I have enjoyed every post that I have read, I would highly recommend it to any one. In a very similar vain, skies of flies ground of rust and upon the muster field also run very good narrative campaigns.

For terrain and other such things, two of the best sites I have found are Confessions of a 40k addict, which has a large number of free templates and counters, and 40k Hobby Blog , which while having very little to do with 40k these days, has some very inspiring terrain features and so very high quality painting on show.

One last blog that I should highlight has to be the Regimental Standard, for no other reason than its a good laugh.

There are a number of other pages out there that I enjoy reading, some are mentioned on my homepage, some will be listed on my profile. If there are any other pages that you think are worth a read, I'm always willing to go have a read.

Last updated - Feb 18

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