Hamnavoe System and Hjaltland Campaing

The Hamnavoe Star System is located on the outer fringes of the Imperial Segmentum Pacificus, near to the Sabbat Worlds. The system is comprised of a number of planets and moons, of which only a few are inhabited and all vary in appearance. The main planets however are; Hjaltland, Hrossey and Helliar, with the moon of Hildasay being the only inhabited moon.

Hrossey is the largest planet in the system, although it is still sparsely populated. As a low technology agri-world, responsible for the production of the all of the systems food resources, in addition to the tithe requirement of 25%, which has risen from the original 10% due to the fact that all of the tithe is bound for the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. The planet is formed of a few of large and generally flat continents, which cover the vast majority of the planet's surface. The planet is also covered in numerous small, interlinked seas, many of which are only a 100 miles or so wide and are mostly used for the farming of fish and edible aquatic plants. As a result, the planets PDF, referred to locally as the Hrossey Yeomanry, utilise chimeras in large numbers, as settlements are few and far between. The planet is not required to field any military units within its yearly tithe, as the agricultural output is the main resource, and only rarely voluntarily supplies one, the notable exception was at the beginning of the Sabbot World Campaign, when 5 full equipped and manned regiments, just over half the PDF's total strength, were mobilized.  

The next planet in the system is Helliar. This is an industrial planet of low to middling technology. The main exports of Helliar are the numerous chimera based vehicles, notably chimeras, hellhounds and its variants and wyverns/hydras, and also the more basic pattern Leman Russ tanks, such as the battle tank, demolisher and vanquisher. In addition, the planet also produces the staple supplies for the local Imperial Guard and pdf's, such as Lasguns and pistols, special weapons, such was flames and grenade launchers and numerous heavy weapons, especially missile launchers and autocannons. The planet has very little capacity for producing higher technology equipment, such as melts or plasma, but can produce a few, hand crafted pieces to to basic local designs. At present the factories are working at 110% and much of the equipment produced goes to support the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, but a quantity of vehicles and an equipment goes towards supporting the local regiments. In addition, Helliar also maintains a small force of Leman Russ tanks, many of which are the more technologically advanced versions, such as Exercutior and Annihilator variants.

The only inhabited moon in the system, Hildasay, orbits the dead world Hascosay. Hildasay is a small moon and in contrast to the other planets within the system, is vastly over populated, with every square inch of the planet's surface covered with The Hive. Legend has it that the world of Hascoray was once a world of untold riches and high technology, one of the main hubs, if not the hub, of trade and commerce in the surrounding systems, and the moon of Hildasay was nothing but a backwater slum and prison. As to how Hascosay came to be in its current state, no one can be sure, some say catastrophic natural disaster, others say war and famine and while others say it is due to more sinister reasons. What is know for sure, is that any records of said event have long since been destroyed, either by accident or design.

The PDF on Hildasay is small in size due to the fact that the main imperial force on the planet belongs to the Adeptus Arbites and their local counterparts, within the policia militaria, the government funded police force who are more underhive gang material than officials of the law. These units outnumber the PDF units, both in terms of numbers of men and equipment, although the PDF has a small number of Sentinels and Hellhound variants at its disposal. Most of these units are regularly requested to help the Arbites or police in riot control or cleansing operations, much to the displeasure of the PDF commanders but the Governor runs the planet as a military dictatorship, hence the large and well armed police force and to disagree with the governor, publicly or privately is unwise. Hildasay is also the only planet in the system capable of handling the large warp vessels that visit the system from time to time, either to collect the tithes or as is more usual, when heading to the Sabbat worlds. This is usually done through the old star port, a relic from the days Hascorays glory days. These days it's nothing but a dilapidated death trap, half of which is no longer usable and many areas are no longer air tight.

Within the system, there are also a number of other planets, ranging from several large gas giants to the numerous small planetoids, and the moons that surround them. In addition there are two large asteroid belts within the system, the inner belt which runs between the star and the planets and outer belt, which is by far the largest and runs at the very edge of the system. There are also a number of mining colonies dotted about, both within both asteroid belts and on the various uninhabited planets and moons. These mines supply many of the raw material needed for production on Helliar.

The only other inhabited Planet within the system is that of Hjaltland. Hjaltland is an ocean planet, categorized either as a jungle world or death world, depending upon which organization you ask. The planet's oceans contain many large and/or dangerous creatures and the jungles islands contain many highly poisonous animals and plants. Nearly all of the land based animals and plants are passive in nature and use their poison for defensive purposes, unlike those found on other true death worlds, like Catachan.

As mentioned the planet is an ocean planet, with many small and sparsely populated mountainous and heavily forested continents, that are spread across the vast oceans that dominate the planet. The main exports of the planet are the rare chemicals and substances that are harvested from the plants and animals of the forest and oceans. Many of these substances are destined for consumption by the nobility of the local and neighbouring systems, either as items of vanity, cosmetics and perfumes, or as medical remedies, and form the main income for the population. In addition, the flesh of some animals, mainly aquatic in nature, are also seen a delicacies, prized by the nobility and a must for any buffet table. However some of the chemicals and substances are destined for other places, as although the planet is considered to be of very low importance by the Administratum, there are a number of factions who prize some of chemicals, such as the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Schola Progenium. As the Administratum consider the planet of low importance the Tithe requirement of the planet is also very basic, at present this tithe stands at the provision of 10% of the planet's total products, which due to the amounts produced by the planet is only collected once every ten years or so, whenever a collection ship happens to be passing. As such the planet is not required to provide troops to the imperial guard, but as a show of loyalty to the Emperor the planet also provides a full regiment for service to the IG at the same time as the tithe is collected. 

The Hjaltland Light Infantry regiments are the main fighting force of the planet, and form the planets PDF as well as providing regiments to serve in the IG. The total number of men under arms on the planet can be measured in hundred of thousands and the total population in millions, it was last recorded before the separatist uprising at just under 50 million.

The uprising
The 256th Imperial Battle Group, often referred to as simply the 256th or the BG, was formed after a chaos cult backed separatist uprising occurred on Hjaltland. Due to the systems location and proximity to the Sabbat Worlds, it was not surprising that such an uprising by occurred. The uprising itself was led by cults dedicated to chaos undivided, many of which comprised of, or at the very least contained, a number of highly placed officials, both from within the planet's Administratum and also the commanding elements of the Planet's Defence Force. There was also significant evidence that cultists from the various Sabbat Worlds travelled to the Hjaltland, influencing the population. With a number of senior PDF officers corrupted by the forces of chaos, the opening salvos for the uprising was brutal and well managed, targeting the  loyal PDF forces and elements of the Administratum which remained loyal and thus out of the control of the rebels. The initial strike was helped by the fact that the majority of the PDF's forces were stationed at just 3 sites across the planet and contained within those sites over 50% of the total forces and around 75% of its kit and equipment, including all the PDF's heavier and armored elements. The result of these attacks was a complete collapse of all law and order on the planet and the disintegration of all organised resistance. However, the separatists made a critical error, as unbeknown to them and pretty much every one outside of the old star port,  the recently deployed 851st Hjaltland L.I. and the Hrossey 1313th Yeomanry, along with various supporting elements, were still waiting on the old star port around Hildasay for the Navy transports that were to take them to join the Sabbat Worlds crusade. These transports had failed to materialise out of the warp, whether they were destroyed on route, redirected or were never even dispatched in the first place remains unknown. However, this played into the hands of the local commanders who had remained loyal, enabling them to redeploy these forces to meet the uprising on Hjaltland.

The battle for Hjaltland was short and brutal, raging for only a few months. One of the reasons for war was so short was due to the over enthusiastic cultists who destroyed much of the PDF's equipment and stores in the initial uprising, including a large portion of the ocean going patrol boats and transports. Casualties were high on both sides of the conflict, this was especially so amongst those units not from Hjaltland. A prime example of this was the Hrossey 1313th, who, deprived of their chimeras and unfamiliar with the forest environment, so unlike anything on the flat and open plains of their homeland, suffered significant casualties in the close quarters fighting and interactions with the local wildlife. For the Hjaltland 851st the story was very different. During the conflict the unit earned the name The Jungle Hunters, as they took every opportunity to exact total and unforgiving revenge on anyone who would sully the name of their homeland. Their exploits were known far and wide across the planet, although it was not always well received. The units style of total warfare, destroying the enemy to the last man and ignoring any offers of surrender and allowing no retreat, led to some calls for the unit to be recalled and tested for the taint of chaos.

At the end of the fighting the planet's population had been decimated, with over half the population dead and numerous islands turned from lush jungle to desolate barren wastelands. On other islands the inhabitants were forcibly removed for re-education by the Ecclesiarchy, whilst the worst offenders were sent to the factory chain gangs on Helliar. This process resulted in the population dropping from around 50 million to less than 20 million.

As with the population the forces remaining on Hjaltland were greatly diminished, and in light of the fact that the navies transports had still failed to materialise, it was decided that all the remaining elements from the Imperial forces that were deployed for the war would remain on the planet and as a result were formed in the Hjaltland Yeomanry Division and tasked to assist the remaining PDF units in the final cleansing of the planet and in rebuilding the PDF's numbers. The Hjaltland Yeomanry Division was formed around the remains of the 851st Hjaltland L.I., and included elements of the 1313th Hrossey Yeomanry, the Hrossey 56th Artillery, the Helliar 12th Tank and Hildasay 9th Fast Attack Wing.

During the conflict a number of other forces arrived on the planet. There were a number of noteworthy forces, ranging from the small force of  Militarum Tempestus, namely the 56th Dagr Ormr Strike Group, to the forces of the adeptus astartes, in the form of both the Eagle Knights 3rd company and an elite strike force of the Emperors Disciples. Both forces of marines appear to have been drawn to the conflict more by accident than design, both having picked up on transmissions between the planets within in the system and responded in order to aid the loyalist forces. Whatever their reason for joining the fighting, their presence was welcomed by all, except of course the chaos cultist. The Dagr Ormr seem to have been drawn to the fighting by other means, for although they never answered the question directly, their close cooperation with some of the noble houses of Hrossey, led to many to believe that many to believe that both parties were working more to maintain their influence and supplies of rare drugs than to stop the uprising.

However, the presence of all of these forces were overshadowed by two forces: the Dark Guardians and the Inquisition.

It was during the fighting that the presence of the Inquisition was first noted. No one is sure exactly when they arrived or their reasons for coming. It appears though that the inquisitors, while maintaining an outwards appearance of unity, are deeply decided in both their ideology and methods. It appears that two of the inquisitors, Inquisitor Sophiana, of the Ordo Hereticus and Inquisitor Tamhas, an Ordo Malleus inquisitor, are more aligned with each other. However the third inquisitor, an unknown Xenos Inquisitor, is very much at odds with the others, and there have been several tense moments when the three have been sighted together.

It was shortly after all organized resistance by separatist forces ceased that Inquisitor Sophiana, alongside Inquisitor Tamhas, formally requisitioned the Hjaltland Yeomanry Division and the MT Dagr Ormr, as well as the forces of the Eagle Knights and Emperors Disciples. The Inquisitors requisitioned these forces to investigate and eliminate any remaining cults or renegade forces in the system. In addition, in recent days there have been a number of raids and incursions by other forces, ranging from Dark Eldar Pirates to Tyranid organisms, which have occurred across all the planets in the system, much to the concern of all the inquisitors.

In addition to these forces, which are now directly under the control of the Inquisition, a small force of Dark Guardians is also present within the system. They have made no attempt contacted anyone and have ignored all inquiries, even those made by the inquisition, something which has made the all of the Inquisitors equally concerned and worried. The Guardians motives and reasons for being in the system are unknown, for they arrived after the main fighting was finished and have yet to make planetfall, on any planet. As such their numbers are unknown, even who commands them is unknown. What is known is that the chapter are usually hostile to any that probe to deep into their affairs and rarely cooperate fully with any other imperial organization and always put their own mission above any they maybe given by others.

All in all, with the recent increase in chaos and xenos activity and the arrival of the Dark Guardians, these are troubling times for the Inquisitors.

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