Tuesday 20 February 2024

Imperial Knight progress

 Last time.i posted about the knight I had the legs and a couple of other bits built. The project went in to a bit of a hiatus as I waited for the magnets that I ordered to arrive. Once they did, I was already working on another project and the knight took a bit of a back seat. Now however it's at the for front of the paint bench and after magnetising up all the various parts, I've been continuing on with the painting. Once it's all done I will lay it all out and show all the magnets that I have added, plus some pinning as the waist magnets weren't as good as I would have liked, but that was a me issue rather than a magnet issue.

The back is fairly simple, standard metal dry brush over black with some highlights picked out, such as the wires and mechanicus logos. 

The pilot, there will be more about him in another post but he is all painted up, as is his cockpit.

The standard blue and red scheme for my knightly household, with blue the primary on this knight. If I ever get another, then the red and blue will switch, giving it a more red coloured appearance. 

The legs and the body are built and magnetised as separate pieces, although I've had to add a little pin at the back as when I was setting the magnet in the top of the legs, it set (with super glue) as a slight angle and so the top can be a little wobbly when fully loaded with weapons. The pin at the back just reinforces the joint and makes it all more stable. 

I've still got to add transfers and other finishing touches and then I'll be calling this done. Hopefully I'll be able to get it up here soon!

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