Tuesday 27 February 2024

Eagle Knights command squad

This is almost the last unit that I'll be adding to my original first born Eagle Knights, I say almost the last unit as there is still an assault squad with jump packs sitting on the paint table waiting to get finished. Once they are done I don't plan on adding any more units to this army at all. The army is sitting at just over 3000 points but with some of the extra first born units that are included in the army, it's topping out at nearly 3800 points, I'm hoping to get they all put out at some point for a proper company photo. 

Anyway, here is the second command squad for the army and what will become the main command squad, thanks to the large banner that it contains. This is actually the second Eagle Knight to be responsible for a chapter banner, as the Deathwatch banner is held by an Eagle Knight as well. At this point I was going to put a picture of said Deathwatch marine, only to realise I don't actually have one on here, something I will have to rectify at some point.

Anyway, the command squad, now a Legends unit, replaced by the Company Hero's and some independent character. This squad has the classic combination of apothecary, champion, standard bearer and two veterans. 

The champion and one of the veterans are tooled up for combat. Although the vet isn't shown with a pistol, in games he'll have a hand flamer, because fire. I could have gone.for a more powerful load out, like power weapon and plasma, but I didn't fancy ripping the model apart and flamers are a large part of this army.

Talking of flamers, the other vet has a flamer, for some slightly longer range shooting. All the shooting in this army is short ranged, pistols or flamers, as they are not going to be a front line unit but at the back for moral. 

The apothecary is slightly off as he has a powerfist rather than the apothecary's Narthecium. It is still clear that he is an apothecary even though he doesn't have the same bling of the Sanguinary priest. 

Lastly we have the ancient, with the chapters banner. The other command squad has a smaller, company specific banner, but this gent has a chapter banner. In my fluff, each chapter has a large chapter banner, each identical, and a smaller company banner, individual to each company. 

This is the chapter banner, resplendent with little but an Imperial Aquila and Chapter Symbol, plus a nod towards their gene father, with the blood angels symbol at the bottom.other than that there is the usual purity seals, script and some more books angels iconography but overall I wanted to keep things simple. The chapter as a whole keeps.its decorations fairly simple, so the banner would be as well. 

 So with just five assault marines to go, the first born elements of the Eagle Knights is almost complete, just need to keep working on the Primaris models now, which there are a few additions coming soon.

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