Tuesday 5 December 2023

Imperial Guard Vs Tau - game 1

 During the run up to the tournament my son and I played a few games of 40k to get him use to the basic rule for 10th, as although he’s played a few games of 10th with mates, he has always had some one to coach him through the turns, usually myself but sometimes other adults. So for these games, we were going to play and I wasn’t going to tell him anything, just let him play and then talk through stuff after, as it turns out, this might have been a bad idea! 

This game was just a 1000 point game, both to keep things simple for my son to learn the game and also for time constraints, to get the game done before bed time!

The Tau list consisted of devil fish, hammer head, piranha, a couple of strike squads and a breacher squad, with a cadre fire blade. My ;list consisted of infantry and the flyer.


Deployment was pretty standard and I put my flyer in hover mode again, just to have it on the table turn 1.

Turn 1

By the end of turn 1, I’d lost a full squad and my flyer, which was destroyed by the rail rifle fire of the Tau. 

Turn 2

Going up against the tau armour with little in the way of anti-armour fire power was a mistake, as they just started gunning down my infantry at will.

Turn 3

By the end of turn 3 I was completely on the back foot with nothing I could do. The hammer head and devil fish were just gunning down my guardsmen in droves. 

Turn 5

By the end of turn 5 I was all but tabled with just a few models left on the table.

At the end of the match it was evident that the tau had secured a resounding victory. When you put a shooting army up against a very good shooting army, expect the shooting army to loose and so the guard lost. It wasn’t quite the learning lesson that I was inviting and it was more of a slaughter but he used his units well and showed a good grasp of the rule, which ultimately was the aim of the game. We decided to see if we could have another game, but this time we would try a more evenly matched game, as much of a mirror match as possible and that turned in to a very different game.

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