Tuesday, 12 October 2021

A quiet weak.

 So it's been a quiet week on the hobby front this week, for a couple of reasons. The first being that I've been busy trying to get all the house work and stuff sorted before the kids break up for the holidays. The second one is that I have had a bit of an eye injury this week, nothing serious but it has meant painting has been off the table. 

The kids have the next 2 and a half weeks off school, which with the wetland windy autumn weather we get up here should be fun, I've got a few bits and pieces ready to occupy them but to say I'm not looking forward to it is an understatement. 

On the eye injury front, well, it all started with a trailer, a horse trailer to be exact. With the proposed changes to towing regulations hopefully happening soon, we have invested in a horse box trailer for towing our two horses around but seeing as it could be a couple of months before we can actually tow the dam thing we decided to fit to cover over it to protect it. The previous owner had mostly used this to cover the hay in her barn rather than the trailer, as it two was parked in said barn. Well, at some point in fitting the cover, some hay or straw must have gone in my eye and it was not a pleasant experience. My eye was very sore and it swelled up like a balloon. It's been several days now and it still isn't quite right but significantly better than it was! 

Anyway, I had been hoping to have the Brazen Hawks finished by now but as it stands, the Capt. And Lt. Are finished, alongside the five Hellblasters, with just the bases to finish. The five heavy intercessors are based but need all the details filled in. Hopefully I'll get that sorted this week ready to post next Friday, provided the kids aren't to late to bed that is! 

After I finish these guys it's going to be on the the Stone Dragons but that might be a few weeks away before any of that gets finished!

So that the little weekly update this week, just the keep the blog ticking over, hopefully I'll have something more to post up next week!

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