Friday, 11 December 2015

Eagle Knight Brotherhoods

As the chapter does not suffer from the Black Rage in the same way as their parent chapter, there is no \need for a Death Company. However, I like the rules and have a place for them in my army list, namely as monster/vehicle hunters. As such, they need a backstory to explain their existence within the chapter. So here is a short story of the Brotherhood of the Eagles Talon.

The Brotherhood of the Eagles Talon are chosen from the most fearless and aggressive of assault marines. The chosen few will have shown these traits through many battles, overcome the odds to attain victory when others might have faltered. The chosen few are invited to join the Brethren and with it are given access to some of the oldest and best weaponry the Knights possess. With their role as Monster hunters, they are charged with taking down the most vile and fearsome creatures known to man, a task only the most fearless marines could endure. In addition, this task is reflected in their war gear, with Thunder Hammers and Power Mauls combined with the use of plasma pistols being common amongst the Brethren, in addition, jump packs are mandatory, to enable them to move around the battle fiend at will and at speed, to deal with any threat that may present itself. The Brethren are currently lead by the Chosen Bateleur (Lemartes), a man who knows no fear, not even death.

Brotherhood of the Eagles Talon
 Chosen Bateleur 
(who for those who were watching closely, use to be the leader/Sgt of the Hawk Brethen, but got a promotion to Bateleur/Lemartes )

Now, while the most aggressive and fearless marines join the Brotherhood of the Eagles Talon, another Brethren exists amongst the Knights, the Hawk Brethren. The Hawk Brethren differ from the Brotherhood of the Eagles Talon  in many ways, to start they are more selective in who they recruit in to their brethren, choosing those who display not only aggression, but also intelligence, skill and precision, for the Hawk Brethren have a different mission on the battle field. Their mission is to identify the most dangerous threat, be it a command unit or elite infantry unit, and eliminate it with maximum prejudice. As such their weapons reflect this role, as Lightning Claws and Power Swords are their weapons of choice, although some prefer to carry Power Axes for some extra power. Again, Jump Packs are used in pretty much all occasions to enable the unit to close and engage the enemy quickly, wherever they maybe. The brethren, are currently lead by Sulawesi, and are currently accompanying  Priest Bonelli, acting as his bodyguard and command squad.

 Hawk Brethren
(with new Sgt with power sword to replace the old Sgt who got promoted to Bateleur/Lemartes)

Priest Bonelli, with the Eagles Wings (The Angles Wings Jump pack)
Sorry for the crappy photos, but I'm limited at the moment as to time to take pictures, as most of the time if I try and lay the models out to picture they will either, get eaten buy the little one or be used for target practice for various Hot Wheels cars to crash in to.

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