Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Well, I've reached another mile stone in the blog, 500 views (as of last Saturday). Ok, so some blogs get this every day, I saw one conversation recently where the blogger was saying his total had dropped below 1000 hits per day for the first time in years! Well, I'm not anywhere near that level, but for my little blog, I'm pretty happy that someone is joining me in my little foray in to the 40k universe.

So, who's viewing? Well  the top ten viewing countries are;

(views at 250)
America - 284 (120)
UK - 64 (52)
Ireland - 30 (17)
Russia - 27 (8)
Ukraine - 22 (18)
France - 15 (9)
Australia - 8
Romania - 8
Poland - 5 (5)
Germany - 4

which leaves 41 unaccounted for, although I know that Italy, Netherlands and Canada have at least 2 views apiece and Hong Kong, Brazil and South Africa have also had hits.

In addition, the browsers and operation systems used are;

(views at 250)
Chrome - 234 (108)
Firefox - 121 (33)
IE - 76 (62)
Safari/mobile Safari - 48 (44)
Opera - 6
SamsungBrowser - 6
plus a few other minor ones, such as Dragon (3), Silk (2) and Iron (1) 


Windows - 265 (129)
Mac and istuff - 164 (114)
Linux - 31
Android - 30 (11)
Unix - 10

Again, like my last few posts of this nature (100 and 250 views), this information is pretty useless to most people, but I find it interesting. To me it shows me who is looking and at what, and also what their using to do it. Even with the rise of Mac/Apple, Windows still seems to the dominate operating system, although, IE seems to be loosing ground to both Chrome and now Firefox, while Safari doesn't seem to be doing much at all. There are even a few browsers I haven't even heard of! Mainly Silk and Dragon.

The viewing countries is also fascinating to me, as the US is dominating, with over half the view coming from there, while the UK views is slowing down! Come on my fellow Brits! As for Russia and Ukraine, I think these results are slightly dodgy, as they seem to come in rapid succession, I think I has over 10 from Russia in one day, over the space of an hour or two. I maybe wrong and there is a fan of mine living out that way somewhere, but I kinda doubt it. However, that being said, I think that there is a very good spread, covering all the corners of the globe, with views from both South and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

I promise not to post another post like this until I hit 1000 views, which at this rate will probably be a while away!

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