Friday 14 June 2024

2024 league Guard Vs Space wolves

 My second game in the 2024 league was against a dread heavy Space Wolves list. The list itself consisted of 4 dreads, with a Ballistus and Redemptor dread supporting two Wolves dreadnoughts. These were in turn supported by a Stormfang Gunship, a terminator squad and a Wolf Guard terminator squad, an eliminator squad, Aggressor Squad and two intercessor squads. The force was lead by a Captain and Librarian, both in terminator armour with Arjac Rockfist and finally an Iron Priest to round out the list. There was nothing that I was overly worried about going in to the game, but there was a lot of tough units that could cause me some problems. I decided that the best way to deal with them all was to try and focus on just a couple or even just one at a time and to hope that this was enough.

The mission.

At this point I would like to say, I hate “Deploy Servo Skull” as a mission. This is the first time i have actually played it and if I had known what it would be like, I would have re-rolled the mission selection! However, this was the combination that came up, so that what we played.

The Board, the extra objective makes the board very busy.


My opponent deployed pretty much as I expected, although the aggressors in the Stormfang was unexpected. I had thought he would put one of the intercessors in there and push them up early on to an objective. The terminators are in reserve. 

At the end of turn one, things were pretty even, the storm fang was down as were the aggressors, but the knight was down to just a couple of wounds, 8 if i remember correctly. One of his wolfen dreads was damaged, but the other escaped thanks to a stratagem enabling him to pull back. I did however have some good board conrtrol over the midfield objectives. 

Turn 2 was equally exciting, with the knight finally going do to a hail of overwatch fire from the redemptor dread, thanks to oath of moment and a command point re-roll chipping of the last two wounds. Also, my rough riders were respawned after the wolfen dread chopper them to bits, coming on to take out the newly arrived wolf guard terminators. By this point I was comfortably in control of the two objectives on my right hand side of the board, the ones on the left were still contested, meaning I could start clocking up primary points. 

Turn 3 and I was running out of punch but not troops. My tank commander went down this turn but not before dishing out some punishment to the receptor. The space wolves were starting to run out of assets at this point, having lost almost all their infantry units. 

Turn 4 was pretty quiet as by this point the Wolves were starting to run out of units. They still had some punch with the Captain and Rockfist causing some problems for the scions on the left flank. The terminators that came in in my deployment zone finally got in to combat with the Leman Russ Exterminator and bounced. I spent most of my time just shuffling units up on the right flank and scoring the primary. 

Turn 5 was very quick, the wolves pulled some bad cards and so really didn’t do much, just moved to grab what objectives that they could. My turn was even quicker, as I didn’t bother shooting, just grabbing objectives and scoring points. There was little point in doing anything else as the cards I pulled were about grabbing objectives, as is the primary. 

Overall, I think this was a good game, partly as I won, which i as always nice but mostly because I feel that the game went well with few mistakes on my part. Most of the mistakes were around me being a bit to hasty and not thinking things though in my excitement to be winning! 

Score card

As I said, I don’t think I made many mistakes here. The main mistakes I think were pretty minor, such as charging my Tech-Priest in to combat, which didn’t go well but apart from that there is nothing that springs to mind as a mistake. There are certainly somethings that I could have done better but really none of them would have changed the game. The key to this game was managing to gain momentum at the beginning and then maintain it through out the game. Making better use of the reinforcements stratagem this time around certainly helped.

Next up are more space marines of the White Scars variety. 

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