Friday 17 November 2023

Northern Invasion game 3

So, on to game three and another hard game but one I though I might do better in. The game was against Space Wolves and I reasonably well rounded list at that. The list consisted of Logan Grimnar on his sleigh, Murderfang, Ragnar, an Iron Priest, lieutenant, a blood claws, 2x grey hunters, 2x intercessors, incursors, skyclaws, thunderwolf cavalry, fenrisian wolves, a redemptor, a vindicator and 2x wulfen dreadnoughts.

This game was going to be tough, but in a very different way to the last  the mission here was going to be problematic, as with purge the foe, victory points are gained for holding one and holding more plus kill one and kill more. Hold one and hold more were not going to be much of a problem, kill one was not going to be to much of a problem but kill more was going to be very difficult to do or deny.

Again with this game, I pushed right up to the line with the aim of moving forward to take some of the central ground. I also had to hang back a bit with the threat of the skyclaws.

My opponent mirrored my deployment, pushing up to the line, ready to charge forward and take the fight to me.

I got turn one, pushed up and only killing one unit, the fenrisian wolves for some easy points. 

We clashed in the in the centre and there were some obvious results, with a couple.of units wiped in the first turn,only to be recycled on the Reinforcements train! 

The wolves kept pushing forward and I took the opportunity to drop in behind, claiming my opponents home objective, forcing his skyclaws to drop in behind, only to fail a charge and then be annihilate by the scions that dropped in behind. A dreadnought tried to come back to reclaim the objective but with terrain and positioning he couldn't quite make it. 

By the end of the game, on turn 4, the wolves were in my deployment zone and could be a real threat and had good board control across the middle of the board. However, I still had a chance to clear out some of the centre and had option to recycle some more units that would inevitably get destroyed.

Overall the game was very close and I think turn 5 could have gone either way, however, there was no way that I could have actually won. As you can see in the score sheet the secondary scores were very close. I think a minor mistake was holding on to bring it down, I failed to score it in one round and took a gamble I could do it in the second round but failed. I think maybe I should have just binned it after not achieving in one round and drawn another. I don't know if that would have helped or not but either way 25 to 27 was a close score. The primaries however is a different story, I was 12 point down on the primary, all of which are due to the kill more. In total I was 16 points down due to kill more and if you took the kill more points out then the score.would have dropped to 67 to 65, a guard victory! Although if you take the hold more points out as well, then it's a 63 to 65 loss! Either way it was the kill more points that really hurt me.

Despite this, it was a very good game and I really enjoyed myself. So after 3 games on the Saturday, I found myself ready for game four to decided who came 7th and who came 8th. Oh, and I was to play my son. So all the way south, to play my own son!

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