Friday 16 March 2018

Eagle Knights on parade!

So, there it is, all the Eagle Knight units built, well, for the moment anyway. Plans are afoot for 2 squads of Sternguard, 1 Librarians (on foot) and another devastator squad, probably with missiles. However, firstly a quick run through of all of the units;

Lord Commander Verreaux (Captain)
Lord Lieutenant  Bateleau (Lieutenant)
Knight Captain Cassin (Captain)
Knight's Lieutenant Haast (Lieutenant)
Company Champions Henst and Besra
Priest Bonelli (Sanguinary Priest) 
Pastors Ayres and Gurney (Sanguinary Novitiates)
Standard-Bearer Nias (Company Ancient)
Chaplains Pallas (Lemartes) and Gundlach
Librarian Chaco

Serpent Squads (Command Squad) Asturinus and Sipora
Hawk Brethren (Vanguard Vets) Princeps
Brotherhood of the Eagles Tallons (Death Company) - Gallicus, Pectoralis and Beaudouini- lead by Brother Brother Ruppell
Tactical Squads  Malaiensis and Rapax
Devastator Squad Guianensis
Assault Squad Coronatus

It seems to be that 8th edition armies generally contain lots of characters, or at least most of mine do and so do many i see on various YouTube batreps. This is true for my Guard armies as well, although there are generally a lot more troops in those!

Now, some of you maybe wondering about the names, some of you may even have picked up on the trend but if you like me and don't have a clue about "proper" names for things, all of the names of the squads are bases off the Latin names, or if your posh, the Binomial nomenclature, of various eagle's and Hawks, all of which are part of the Accipitridae family. This means that all of the names refer to actual Hawks and Eagles. The only deviation from this pattern is with Characters, who have been named after the common or English name for the Hawks and Eagles.

Next up are the photos. These are the second lot of photos i took for the army, the first lot were not very good. If you want a flavour of what the first photos were like, look at the bottom of the post at the reinforcements. These were taken on my phone, under less than ideal conditions. However, i was getting out the Hjaltland LI for there photo shoot and decided that it was a lot better conditions for pictures, so i got the Knights out as well for a re-shoot. It's not idea, as although it a lot better, the lighting could still be improved, although my camera, a Canon Rebel XSi (or 450D in the UK) with additional flash has made a huge difference. If i had had more time i would have gone and found my tripod to enable me to open up the aperture and get a better depth to the pictures. Anyway here are the new photos.

The force

The commanders, Lord Commander on the right, Knight commander on the left.

Chaplains and Librarian.

Sanguinary detachment with Priest and Pastors.

Serpent squads

Squad Malaiensis

Standard-bearer Nias, flanked by the company Champions, Henst on the left and Besra on the right with the jump pack.

Devastator squad Guianensis

Hawk Brethren squad Princeps

Squad Rapax

Assault squad Coronatus

At the back, Brotherhood of the Eagles Talon squads Gallicus, with squad Beaudouin behind.

Eagle's Talon Squad Pectoralis

A low level shot of the force.

Up next are a few more shots of the main characters.

Henst, Nias and Besra

Ayres with jump pack, Bonelli and Gurney

Chaplain Pallas (Lemartes), Librarian Chaco and Chaplain Gundlach

Finally, we have some more shots of the company command. Lord Commander Verreaux on the far right, next to the Lord Lieutenant  Bateleau and the Knight Captain Cassin on the left with his second, Knight Lieutenant Haast

As i mentioned at the beginning, there are some reinforcements inbound, although at present, there arrival time is unknown. These reinforcements will add some additional mobility to the non-jump pack equipped troops in the form of 3 Rhino transports, in the form of Heliaca, Adalberti and Chrysaetos. The Hawk Brethren will also be joined by there by 2 Sternguard Squads or the Vulture Coterie squads Fulvus and Indicus. In addition there will be two mother squads, the Devastator Squad Harpyja and Assault squad Mahery. Here are a few pictures of the reinforcements as they stand:

Rhinos at the front, devastators on the left and sternguard on the right

6 of the 10 sternguard

The trio of rhinos.

I have know idea when the reinforcements will be painted and table ready, I suspect that it could be quite a while!

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