Friday, 1 January 2016

New years resolutions

So its that time of year again, and I thought I would start off looking at last years resolutions and see if I actually achieved anything?

So last years I said I wanted to;

1) Finish painting my Hjaltland LI, I'm slowly but surely getting there but I need to go faster. - Think I've done about half a dozen models, still got lots to go!

2) Base coat all vehicles, should be easy with an air brush! I've got a few done, but need to get the rest sorted. I'll try and get some of the details done as well. - Um, should have been easy, but I haven't actually done any more. Maybe one or two? But still got about 4 left unpainted!

3) Start on Eagle Knights, I'll probably start with one of the formation, as they'll be easier to complete and I want to use them anyway. - Woo Hoo, well, kinda anyway, there all modelled up, even if there still unpainted.

4) Not buy any more models I don't really need! Not sure this one will last but I'll try and it'll link in with the next resolution. - Um, yeah, well, I now have a few shiny new models, mostly for my MT force, Dam you Dreamforge and your shiny new model kits!

5) Sell off models I don't need, there only taking up space and will provide money towards supplies and paint. - Yeah, still need to do this.

6) Get some pictures up here, its all very nice talking about my models and army fluff, but it'd be nice to get some pics up here.  - Well, this has gone better, still need to get some more up here, but I'm doing better with this one.

So, all in all, pretty rubbish. This year I will try and set some more realistic goals I think.

So here they are;

1) Try and model up all the missing models from the various army lists

2) Sell models I don't need! I really need to do this!

3) Try and base coat some of the models, so at least I can place them on the table together with out getting confused with what model belongs to what army.

4) Play some games!

So there they are, hopefully I'll be able to keep these ones a little better than the last lot!

I hope your resolutions when well last year and good luck with your resolutions for this year!

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