Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Stripping old models

Right, ill start by saying that this isn't going to be one of those "how to strip old models using detol" posts, we've all seen and read them before, there are literally hundreds of post out there dedicated to this process. No, this is just a comment on the fact I have done this, to what I have done it to and a few things I noticed.

Soup anyone?

So, what did I strip? Well its a mixed bag, some of it was old chaos marines that I acquired a while back as part of a load of models someone was selling off in bulk. I only wanted a couple of rhinos and a razorback, but ended up with a dreadnought and a couple of dozen marines to boot. Most of them were bezerkers and classic red, albeit about an inch thick, others were just primed. The red ones ended up in the soup.

Also in there are some models I was testing color schemes on, ones that didn't work or that I didn't like. There are only a few of them, as I kept the ones that I can adjust without much effort and only 'souped' those that I couldn't. The third lot of models are the ones that had old paint jobs that were reasonable but now defunct. A couple were mine but some were purchased painted. It was a shame to put them in in some respects, but I don't have a green or red army, and overprinting wouldn't really have worked.

Now, by the time you read this, they will hopefully eave been removed, scrubbed, washed and dried, ready to join their brothers on the paint table (or box, as it actually is), but there were a few things I noticed during the process. This isn't my first time stripping models like this, I've done it a few times (plus a few other ways) but this is the first time using real detol. I say real detol as I've usually used supermarket own brands, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and asda spring to mind. They have all worked, some better than others and I would have gone for tesco's own brand if they had had it, but up here you take what you can get and all I could get was the real stuff. Now I would have said previously that it was just as good using own brand stuff, but now I'm not so sure, whether it was the type of paint, the primer or what, but the models stripped a lot better and quicker in the real stuff, compared to the own brands or at least appeared to. I will have to try some other parts, some similar ones to the pieces I've done in the past to really see if there is a differance but right now, I think that there is.

As I write this the models are looking rather wrinkly and bits of paint are falling off when I give the jar a shake, so hopefully I get time in the next day or so to finish them. Ill post up the results when I do.