Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Ok, so this happened a few weeks back but life has been a little hectic of late. Anyway, the blog hit a new milestone, 10000 views. Its been a while in coming, but now its here. Granted for many its not a huge tally for some but its quite exciting for me. To me it pushes the blog past a major milestone and in to another league. Ok, probably a little silly to look at it that way but when I started this blog I didn't really expect to be seeing 1000 plus views a month, I wasnt sure that anyone would actually visit and was quite excited when I got my first few views. Recently I've had several posts pass the 100 views mark, which has been great but lets have a look at the stats. Now for may people these are pointless numbers and to some extent they are, as they only give a very broad view of those who frequent the blog, bit I've always found them interesting.

Overview page


So, who has been viewing the blog? The list seems not to be changing much these days, as the top half a dozen or so are pretty well spread out. Below are listed the top ten counties, with the last viewing figures in brackets (at 2500 views)

USA - 2862 (742)
UK - 1585 (194)
Russia - 1151 (185)
France - 786 (89)
Ireland - 440 (190)
Germany - 438 (71)
China - 343 (114)
Ukraine - 306 (121)
Australia - 232 (-)
Canada - 182 (-)

So, its only Australia and Canada that are new to the chart, the rest seem firmly established. However, there have been a few changes in order, with both France and Germany jumping up the list a bit but china and Ukraine have dropped a bit. With some of the recent bot attacks that have occurred I was surprised that neither of these two were higher on the list, or is that a little too stereo typical? One thing that I'm surprised that google don't provide is % figures, so I thought that I would do them and see what it says.

USA - 28.5
UK - 15.8
Russia - 11.4
France - 7.8
Ireland - 4.4
Germany - 4.4
China - 3.4
Ukraine - 3.1
Australia -  2.3
Canada - 1.8
Rest of the world - 17.1

To me It makes a lot more sense when i look at it like this. Over a quarter of my views come from america, almost double the next biggest readership, the uk. Russia still forms a signigficant percentage as well. How much is actual views and how many are bots, i dont know. These three together form over half my total views though, a barmy 55.7 percent. The top ten make up 82.9 percent, with the other 7 making 27.2 percent, less than america on its own. What is also interesting is that 17.1 percent is made up from the rest of the world. With significantly more than 10 counties in the world, who are these people and where do they come from? Well, i know that some are from belgium, netherlands, Finland, norway and poland in europe and malasia, indonesia, new zealand, brazil and south africa. There will have been others but they are the ones i remember seeing On the list.

Pages and posts

Next up are the pages and posts. We've looked at whos Looking but what are they looking at? Well, recently I have had a number of posts Pass the 100 views mark, altalthough i suspect that each has been viewed more times than that, as the main page always has move views than each page and the full posts are published there. Still, its nice that some of the posts have reached this level. The posts in question are Mostly related to 8th edition with my thoughts on the possibilities for 8th edition guard, marines and scions all breaching the 100 views mark. The most popular post though is still the post on painting and the advantages of painting pre or post assembly.  The post I wrote on the then new sternhammer formation has been steadily gaining views over the last year or so and has finally reached the 100 views point too. 

There are also a couple of posts sitring in the 90's who may yet reach a hundred views, but they are older posts, so those last few views may take a while. 

The various pages that i have on the blog have also had there fair share of traffic, with a number of them climbing steadly towards the 100 views mark. A few months ago, I redesigned the pages, grouping things together in to pages and sub-pages, and it seems to have been successful, not only in simplifing the main blog page but also navigating  around the various elements of my collection. The popular pages still seem to be the about me and tactics pages, which is probably due an update. it will be interesting to see what will have to be updated on the various pages with the new addition, but that's for another post.

I think I've talked enough for the moment but will follow this with a look at some of the other facts on offer, such as operating systems and browser and also the site referal data,  which I fine quite interesting.