Friday, 26 May 2017

Wargaming mat

So a while ago I got a war games mat for Christmas. It is a Micro Art Studios Grassland's mat in the standard 6' by 4', alongside this I also received some MDF buildings. I have only played a couple of games of the mat so far, also using the buildings, although only the first two sets (A and B) formed of the smaller buildings. I cant vouch for how hard wearing the mats and buildings are, but from what I have seen of them so far they are at least as good as any of the other mats I've used in the past. I will do another review in the future after i have had a chance to use both more, and also how it gets on being stored, as I usually have a long time between games and the mat will spend a lot of time rolled up in its case. This leads me to the only issue I have found so far. While the bag it comes with is of a good quality, its very basic. Ok, so its a free bag, but there is no handle on it at all. I would have liked just a simple handle on the case, just for manoeuvring it around more than anything. I may well look at getting a proper carrying case at some point, but for the moment the basic case will do.

Mat ready for battle

The table above was used in a game against Orks, and it really makes the difference to the experience and I really want to get all the buildings up and running and also get some paint on them, just a very basic colours scheme just to finish off the visuals.

Another view

The next plan is to get some foliage, to this aim, I have got hold of some cheap plastic plants for creating some tropical plants. I'm just trying to find some suitable MDF bases.