Tuesday, 30 May 2017

More Eagle Knights

Just a quick update on the Eagle knights. With getting sidetracked with the dreadnought and the additional characters that i forgot about, I didn't get as much done as i would have liked the other weekend. However, I have been pushing on with the knights. I have almost got all of the models base coated. 

The Box

There are still a few more models to go, but on the whole they are there and ready for a coat or two of orange. I have noticed that the colour of the primer is not having as much effect as I though it might have. Yes, the white primer does make the base colour lighter and the black primer does make the base coat darker, as you would expect, but with the various grey coloured primers I also ended up with didn't make as much difference. I was hoping that there would be quite a difference in the final colours and that the oranges would be different, creating a patchwork effect of power armour. The idea was that this would come across as an army on the move, constantly in battle and performing repairs as necessary, but I think that it will not show up like that. I still think that I can get the effect that I want, but only time will tell how well it works out.

In other news, there have been a number of leaks in recent days, mostly yesterday as far as I can tell, the show some info about the death company. Now, its good and bad. Looks like some new characters, namely ancients and champions, both existing as single model units, who or what these are I don't know, but I'm keen to find out. On the bad side however is the fact that the death company seem to loose relentless and rage, as its not in the data sheet, however it could be included in the death company key word? Not entirely sure how these things work yet. Plus my boltgun wielding thunder hammer armed dudes are now in trouble.  In the previous codex you could swap your chainsword and/or bolt pistol, now it just says "and". One of my guys is visibly wielding a hammer and bolter but one isn't, but the three other squad members are also wielding bolters and chainswords, and without relentless they are also going to need surgery. Ill hold off until the books drop but seeing as they are only base coated, now is the time to do any major reconstruction work.