Friday, 12 May 2017

Eagle knights WiP day 2

So, with one night down, I was keen to get on with painting. the little ones had other plans and it was quite a lot later than planned when I eventually sat down at my paint table. While I was going through the models the previous night, I noticed that I had forgotten a few models that I needed for the new BA demi-company, notably the devastators and dreads. I still don't have a suitable dread for the death company, one with two power fists, but I sorted out the one for the demi-company. I also decided that I wanted to be able to field both command squads with jump packs, so I put together another command squad, one that mirrors the non-jump pack squad, minus the storm shield to pay for the jump packs. 

The more densely populated box

By the time I finished sorting and priming the models that were stripped last night, plus priming the new models, the box was looking a little fuller than it did before. All this extra work cut in to my painting time, so I wasn't able to get all of the models primed and base coated. I forgot to mention last time that I had chosen to base all the models in Jakero Orange, as after some more research, this seemed the base colour of choice for a lot of people, and after some careful comparison in daylight, the Ratskin Flesh was defiantly pinker than the Jakero Orange.

So what did I actually do? Well, here's some of the highlights.

The Dread

The dreadnought is the DV hellbrute, with a number of the more chaos'y parts removed. Its not perfect and could probably have quite a bit more removed to make it even less like a chaos model, however I don't have the time, ability or inclination to really go to town on the conversion. I've always thought something like a Dremel multi would be a useful tool for modelling, but I cant justify the cost of such a toy. I'll go in to more details in the next post, which is all about this 'conversion', but for now this is a picture of how it turned out once primed.

Next up are some members of the command squads, some are new models, some are modified existing models.

Command squad members. 

Tac sergeant, champion and sanguine novitiate 

Two captains, without and with jump pack

my version of the new Death Company priest

I bashed this together as I wanted to run a DC Priest for the DC formation but I wasn't going to buy the model. This is basically a Assault marine with a slightly tarted up jump pack and a Crozius Arcanum made from part of a servo skull from the Militarium Tempestus box ad a shaft from a chaos chain axe. he also carries the obligatory infernos pistol. I would have liked to have a fancier jump pack and armour for the model, but these were the only bits that I had left in the box.

Crozius Arcanum