Friday, 19 May 2017

10000 views part 2

Continuing looking at the stats for the blog, I thought that I would look at the operating systems and browsers. There isn't much to say on either of these two as they are fairly self explaining but its a snap shot in to the world computer habits.

As you can see, chrome (46%) is the favorite Browser by quite some way, followed by firefox (27%). The old faithful Internet explorer (15%) is sitting way down in third, it always surprises me how far down IE is, as I remember a time when it was all anybody but the really tech savvy used and the likes of firefox and netscape were quirky alternatives. Safari and its mobile brethren are the only other browsers of note, forming 8% of viewers, the others are pretty insignificant and some are brewers I have never heard of, phantomJS anyone?

Of operating systems, windows is still very much king of the hill, with a massive 68% of the share, the Mac and istuff only forms 14% as the next biggest share. It seems odd that windows is such a big player here but its own browser is dropping down the list, I wonder if google have any plans to get in to the operating systems market! Again the other systems are pretty insignificant in the grand  scheme of things, forming only 18 percent, with 12 being taken by Linux and android.

Its interesting to see that despite all the views from all over the world, there are actually a lot of common features.

Referring sites and url's

Now, these have always confused me but I recently had a good look into what all these mean and while I still don't full understand what it all means, it makes a lot more sense to me. One of the thing that has shown itself is what putting the blog on to the faeit212 blog roll. The blog has received a massive amount of traffic from the site and has defiantly shown me that I could grow the blog quite easily if I wanted to, by putting the effort in to putting the blog on Reddit and being more specific on things like google+. 

For the referring url's has shot to the top of the list, overtaking google in a relatively short time, but in truth, a massive amount of traffic come from nafka, as 6 of the top 10 on the list are variants on the site ( .com, .Co.UK, .De and so on) compared to just 2 google url's. Its a similar story on the sites, google maybe top of the list by some was over nafka, only challenged  by blogger, once you combine things, it paints a different picture.

Google referred 436 times in total (350 and 86) where as nafka referred 644 times (239, 183, 106, 59 and 57) obviously it doesn't show the whole picture, just a small snapshot, but it all points towards joining the nafka blog roll as a good thing. I don't know if it will mean that the views will keep growing of if they will plateau off again, even if they do plateau I will be quite happy.

I really have to mention confessions of a 40k addict and St Andrews wargaming at this point, as both of these sites also bring a lot of traffic my way. So thanks for that and hopefully I repay the favor by sending a few your way too.

As for searches, well there have only been a handful and the only one of note is "sobspace land com", not quite sure what they were searching for or if they found it, bit its an odd one nonetheless. 

I know a lot of these facts are not of interest to a lot of people but I always find them fascinating, a small snapshot of the world of the internet. Its also interesting to see the change over time, although as the blog gets older and the numbers rise, there will be less changes in the stats. I guess the next big milestone will be 25000, it will be interesting to see how long that takes and what changes will have occurred before then.

One last thing to note on here is about adsense. I posted on here not long ago about putting ads on the blog, well I tried but apparently I the blog isn't suitable, not sure why and I didn't really look to hard into the reasons. So there won't be any ads on here for the foreseeable future, although I will probably revisit things at some point. If I do i will have a better look at why it did t work this time around but for now it does take the decision out of my hands, which makes things easier. 

Normal service will resume next week, and I plan on having a look at how the changes for 8th will affect my main armies, the hjaltland LI and Eagle Knights.