Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Eagle knights WiP day 1

The other week the wife had to go away for work for a few days, this meant that I had two nights to myself once the little people were asleep. Over the past few weeks, I have been gradually priming the various models for the Eagle Knights. There will be a post in the future on my thoughts on priming models, and the primers that I have but that's for the future. So when I sat down at the paint table (aka the computer desk and box of models) this is the view.

Models primed and ready

As you can see, there are a few different primer colours, from white to black through various shades of grey. This is intentional, as most forces that you see are nice and consistent, with a common colour through all the models, I decided that I wanted a more rough and ready looking force, without a consistent colour across the  models. They will all be orange but some will be brighter than others and some will have smoother colourings than others. Its all in an effort to show a force on the edge of the imperium, both geographically, politically and ideologically, one with limited support from the mechanicum and the various forge world. It will be a while until I see if it works out this was, or just looks like a crap paint job!

In addition to painting up some of the models, I also had some green stuff modelling to do. this was due to the fact that I have changed up my list slightly, again! Its only a minor swap to try and get some extra anti-armour capacity, without loosing any anti-infantry ability. As such I went to one of my favourite weapons, the power maul. I've said this in the past, its annoying that the only place I know to get this is in the DA vets set and even then there is only one of them! This means that I lost couple of swords (at S5 Ap3) but gained a couple of mauls (at S7 Ap4), a decent trade I think.

One Maul (left) and one combat shield (right) in their moulds

For my new setup, I needed 2 mauls and one shield. I still had my power maul mould from last time, so that was relatively simple to do, although the finished items were not perfect they should do quite nicely once painted. The shield was less successful, as some of the details were lost on the front, however, it proved pointless when I later found some spare shields in amongst some imperial guard bits!

As a result of this re-equipping of my command squad, it means that the squad now has 2 swords, a maul and an axe, along side the chainsword of the Sanguinary Novitiate, giving me 8 S5 Ap3, 4 S7 Ap4, 4 S7 Ap1 and 4 S5 Ap- attacks on a charge, all at I5.

In a few days longer than planned!

Also I dealt with some of the models that had been sitting in the 'soup' stripping. They were in there a little longer than planned, but the paint came off easily, giving me a bunch of nice clean mostly paint free models to deal with. 2 models went back in as they needed a little more time in the soup and were dealt with the following evening.

All in all I felt that I made a fair bit of progress during the night and was still in bed by a reasonable midnight! With one night left, I was optimistic I would get all the models primed and base coated.