Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Eagle Knights assault squad Coronatus

This week we will be looking at the Assault squad or squads possibly. While they have been modelled up as a single squad, the original plan was to run these as two 5 man squads rather than a 10 man squad. Chances are they will run as a single 10 man squad and be split in to combat squads as the need arises. So he is assault squad Coronatus.

The complete 10 man squad.

Sgt with power fist.

First combat squad, lead by the Sgt.

Second combat squad

Now, there are two things to note about this squad. Firstly there are no special weapons within the squad, all of the members, apart from the sgt are armed up with pistols and chain swords. These are not going to be hunting big monster on there own, but acting either as supporting elements for the harder hitting combat units or picking on the remains of units that have been crippled by shooing and can be over whelmed by the number of attacks that these guys can put out. There secondary role will also be to move rapidly around the board and snatch objectives or Maelstron cards as and when they can. The second thing to note about that squad is the rather oddly coloured member, best seen in the back of the last picture. He's quite a bit darker and more red than the others. This was a failed experiment with an old GW ink wash. I acquired a bottle of red ink somewhere along the line and its sat in my box of paints for a long time, unused, so I decided to see what it was like and washed the model in it. Its didn't exactly go as I had planned, as it basically just turned the model a red/orange colour and didn't really do anything else. I had though that it would act much like a wash and cause so highlighting or show up the recesses, but it doesn't appear to have done anything of the sort. I think that I really need to have a better look at how to use inks properly before I have another go with it. I am hoping that when I wash the model in the Quickshade it will bring it back in line with the other models more, if it doesn't then I'll just leave it as it is and make up some story as to why he has a different coloured armour to the rest of the guys.

Next up are Devastator squad Guianensis