Friday, 5 January 2018

2017 Review

Its that time of year again, time to look back over the past year and more and see how badly I have do on my resolutions that I set this time last year!

So first up we'll look back at the 2017 list, then we'll step even further back and see how we have done with previous years.

so 2017:

1) the main painting objective this year will be the Eagle Knights. I would like to get all the models based orange at the very least. Well, I think I smashed this one, seeing as the last model was painted on around the 20th December, although none of them are based properly as i'm still trying to figure out what basing to use!

2) table terrain and gaming surface. Having just got a mat and mdf terrain for Christmas, I need  to get on with building and painting the terrain! Well, there built, so that's a start. I do need to get on with painting them, then they'll look even better on the table top.

3) base my finished models in relation to my new mat. So some sort of green flock is needed. Yeah, still trying to decide what to do here, I think that I just really need to take the plunge and actually do it.

4) defend my title at Northern Invasion 5. Unfortunatly, I didn't make it down this year. However I did make the Xmas tournament this year and took that title home instead, so that makes me feel better about missing NI5.

5) sell off models. Mainly my extra guard models and most of the Emperors Diciples. Er, yeah, this has been on every years list and I have yet to sell a single model. I really should sell the ones that I don't need or want, but for some reason I just never seem to get around to it. I will do it this year, I promise!

6) finalize a list for the Dark Guardians. Kind of, I have decided that they are only going to be a bike and terminator force, with no other units. Although with the recent release of the 8th DA codex I will probably need to re jig things again.

7) model up the dark guardians Again, I have done this, but I may have to change things to fit the new 8th Codex. There still a way down the list this year, as I want to get my Scions and Armour painted this year.

8) crack out the airbrush and prime some models! Goes with (1) I really cant say when my airbrush last came out to play. I really need to get it out and use it, especially with the Scions, who are all airbrushed so far.

9) sort out my storage, I have cases but no storage trays. Empty cases are pretty useless. I think if anything, that my storage has actually got worse! I really need to sort out some more KR trays or similar, as at the moment some of my models are literally just piled in to one of the KR boxes.

10) when/if I sell off models (5), I will use the money to purchase new transport for the Dagr Ormr and extra models for the dark guardians, if needed. Now models sold and no new models bought this year. I will be buying a couple of models this year, as there are a couple of units in the new codex that I want, namely Ogryn Bodyguards.

11) add to the fluff. This applies to all my forces. I've got plenty of ideas, just need to get pen to paper. I added some fluff at the start of last year and I need to do the same to bring all the fluff in line with the latest 8th edition fluff. They all need updating for the Rift but the Knights need updateing after the devastation of Baal and the Guardian after the fighting at the Rock.

So, all in all, not to bad. I have completed or at least stuck to over half of my resolutions this year. I would consider this year to be a success overall, as i have achieved all my main aims for the year, namely finishing of the Eagle Knights and sort out some proper gaming terrain. Although there are still a few outstanding points, there are not ones that are detrimental to my gaming experience. I will have to consider what to put on the 2018 to do list and if i want to carry over any of these points to next year. 

How have I been doing on the outstanding 2016 resolutions though? 


1) Try and model up all the missing models from the various army lists All that was missing from this was the Dark Guardians, which have been modelled up now.

2) Sell models I don't need! I really need to do this! Yep, still waiting on this one!

3) Try and base coat some of the models, so at least I can place them on the table together with out getting confused with what model belongs to what army Still working on this one.

So, I'm getting there! One done and 2 left to do, although one i'm going to discount as its on every list and I have yet to do it at all! So really, that means that there is just one left to do and i'm going to try and sort out my basing material this year and get both the Hjaltland LI and Eagle Knights completely finished this year. So hopefully this list will be completed this year, only 2 years later than planned!

Last but not least, lets have a look at the outstanding 2015 resolutions.

2) Base coat all vehicles, should be easy with an air brush! I've got a few done, but need to get the rest sorted. I'll try and get some of the details done as well. - Still got one left I think? Just the Hellhound I believe, but this should be done by the end of this year!

5) Sell off models I don't need, there only taking up space and will provide money towards supplies and paint. - I'm getting a feeling of Deja vu here! 

Again, i'm getting there. Once more i'm going to ignore the last one, as it is on every list. So hopefully by the end of this year I should have ticked all the boxes for 2015! We'll better late than never!