Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 Resolutions

With 2017 gone and 2018 upon us, its time to set some goals for this year. While there were a few points that were left outstanding from last year, i will only be looking to carry over two points. These will join a number of new points.

¹) paint up the remainder of the Dagr Ormr Militarum Tempestus force. - this has been started and a colour scheme for the PDF that accompany and support the scions has been chosen.

²) find a suitable base material for all my forces. - i think i have settled on one of the army painter battlefields scatters for the main part, i just need to take the plunge and do it.

³) finish building my jungle plant terrain. - need MDF boards and plaster mix, oh and time.

⁴) get pictures of the complete hjaltland LI and Eagle Knights. - as my first and second fully painted armies ever, this is something i really want to do.

5) get as much of the Hrossey Yeomanry and Dark Guardians primed and base coated as possible. - these are the next two armies to be painted after the Dagr Ormr, with Hrossey being the first of the two.

6) update my narratives, taking in to account the 8th edition universe. - the setting and armies all need updating, but especially the Dark Guardians and Eagle Knights, in light of there respective codices.

7) finish off my inquisitorial warband. - a fluff thing more than anything, but will help to tie things together.

8) add in new models, ogryns bodyguard's and MT transports. - shiny new models are always fun, but bodyguard's are new to the codex and the scions have been waiting for transport your ages. ( Come on anvil industries, where are the Taipan APC's you showed us?)

So, not as many points as last year, you'll notice i dropped the one about selling stuff!, but still a few things to do. This year will possibly see a few changes to my hobby, as the young lady is starting nursery this year and this may give me a little bit of time to indulge myself in the odd afternoon of painting.