Friday, 12 January 2018

Easy Build boxes.

When I was down at the in-laws over the Christmas period, I took a walk into town to treat myself to a Costa (there's none around where I live) and I thought I would take a wonder down to the local toy shop and see what was on there shelves. Much to my surprise I can across these!

Only a few boxes hidden in amongst the boxes of Airfix and Revell

Not the complete collection, but some is better than none.

Now, I was initially very excited to see these boxes, as I haven't seen them around before and I don't know if they still produce them as all but the fact that they are there is great. This is the chance to introduce a new generation in to the hobby. However, I then noticed the prices!

I though that these were supposed to be easy build, snap fit starter sets, but for this price you could get a full multipart plastic kits!

Take the landspeeder, in the build+paint kit you get a speeder with heavy bolter and a small piece of terrain. Ok so you can't buy the terrain piece, but the speeder will cost you 18.50 direct from games workshop, but the build+paint set in the toy shop was 23.99! That means that the small terrain piece is going to cost you at least 5.49! Oh, and don't forget its snap fit with fixed options. It was the same with the bike kit. In it you get a bike and a hero, also known as a terminator, for the grand sum of 17.99. A bike off GW will cost you 20 for 3 bikes! That works out at about 6.66 per bike, a long was short of the 17.99 for the kit. The terminator is just a snap fit 3 edition model, (I think!) with storm bolter and power fist.

Its the same with the ork boxes. I haven't bben through all of there costs to see how they compare, but I would not be surprised to see that they too were massively over priced, being on sale for; 17.99 for the ork bike, 23.99 for the trukkboyz and a massive 38.99 for the ork raiders set.

Now, I don't know what the prices are supposed to be, I can only find them in dollars, but they are only a couple of dollars more that they are on sale for in pounds, which doesn't sound right, plus I don't know how much the various parts go for over the pond. Has anyone else seen these kits up for sale? How much were they up for? I'd be interested to know.