Friday, 26 January 2018

Xmas spending money

While i didn't get a lot of new toys this Christmas, i did get some spending money. It didn't take me long to decided where to spend most of it! First up was the new blood angels codex and data cards;

Now, i have not had a chance yet to read through it all yet, i have had the opportunity to flick through all of the pages. The main pages that i have been focusing on have been the more recent fluff pages, catching up with the Tyranid assault on Baal and the period directly before and after. I will eventually get around to reading it from cover to cover, as there is always so much information, stories and other interesting facts buried in the pages.

So far i only have one criticism and that's the fact that every diagram of a marine is a primaris and almost every picture of a group of models is centered around primaris marines. Even the 'eavy metal sections are heavily weighted towards primaris marines. Ok, so i know there the new kids on the block and all but talk about pushy. We all get that the classic marines days are numbered and soon there will be nothing but primaris, but right now, the majority of marine players and specifically blood angles players are going to have classic marines, in many cases lots of them. Now I'm not against the primaris marines at all, even if the lore sucks and make no sense but i definitely don't like the helmets and i still don't see why all the various new bolt weapons can't be shared around?

With the new book in hand it has encouraged me to think about expanding the force, potentially adding in some strengths (originally destined for the Emperor's Disciples), some librarians and more devastators, with better anti-armour weaponry, maybe missile launchers. In addition they may also get some  rhinos (also originally destined for the Emperor's Disciples)) This will expand the force up a bit and probably mean that the Disciples get sidelined altogether but that's for another post.

I am contemplating a codex review, much like my guard codex review, but probably a bit shorter and focusing mostly on units that i own or will be using, although the Guard one seemed to take ages to write and took up weeks of posts, so i will have to see.