Friday, 2 February 2018

Eagle Knights Devastators Guianensis

This is Devastator squad Guianensis, a squad that was never originally planned what the first thoughts of the Eagle Knights were imagined. Why? Well its simply because the Knights were supposed to be a highly mobile fast moving attack force, made up of as many jump units as possible and the minimum number of other units as possible, which at the time was a couple of 5 man tactical squads. However, much like the Tactical squads, plans changed with the advent of all of the 7th edition formations and more specifically the Battle Demi-Company. This required a heavy support choice and limited the options, the cheapest of which was the Devastator squad. Originally this squad only had 3 heavy bolters, in order to fit everything I wanted in to a 2000point list. With the advent of 8th though, the squad has acquired a 4th heavy bolter, and with the changes to Heavy Weapons rules, there may even be a second squad, armed with missile launchers. 

Anyway, on to the unit itself, here is Devastator Squad Guianensis

The complete squad

The three original heavy bolter of squad Guianensis

The Sgt, with obligatory hand flamer and the newest member of the squad. He's a bit more gun-ho than the other members of the squad, having ditched his helmet and all the advanced targeting aids that go with it and prefers just to throw as much lead towards the target as possible and pray to the Emperor that he'll hit something.

Some of the extra details of the marine, with his fancy shoulder pad and the Sgt, with his damaged and field repaired shoulder pad. The Sgt's need a little bit more work really to show the damage and repair work properly, but at the moment, this is something that I am experimenting with and as yet have not got it right.

As with most devastator squads, these boys will be staying back and firing from afar, only moving up when targets become scarce or when they need to hit a high priority target. While heavy bolters may not be the best heavy weapon in the game, they are still cheap and still put out reasonable stopping power against most light to medium infantry and light vehicles. As mentioned at the top, there maybe a second devastator squad at some point, with some better anti-armour weaponry but for the moment and heavy vehicles will have to be dealt with by the thunder hammer welding death company or power fist assault sgt.

The next post will cover some of the characters that are in the force. It won't cover all of them as there are quite a few in the force.