Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Eagle Knights characters

This is the first of the Eagle Knight characters. I know that some of these have been shown in the past but for the sake of completeness i have decided to show them again. 

The three medics of the company. In the center is the main man, Sanguinary Priest Bonelli, with his jump pack. On the right is Sanguinary Novitiate "not named yet", who likes to keep his feet on the ground and will usually be found within the company masters rhino. The other Sanguinary Novitiate, "not named yet either", has a minor problem, as technically he can no longer take a jump pack. It's not much of a problem, as for now I'll just run the index version but how long will i be able to do that?

Edit: i have been going through the codex again, as most of these posts have been scheduled in advance, and i now realise that the Sanguinary priest can't take a jump pack either now! That really puts a spanner in the works, as it means that i need a rethink about how I'm going to run both Sanguinary blokes. Do i just leave them and use the index costs for them or rip the jump packs off and run them on foot. I want at least 1 of them with a jump pack to keep up with the bulk of my troops, but i feel that if they are not a codex option then i should ditch the jump packs.

Next up are a couple of chaplains and a champion. The first Chaplain is my stand in Lemartes. Now, this goes against my main rule of not running named characters in my armies, as they are all successor chapters but i do like Lemartes, although he can also be run as a normal Chaplain. The only issue with that is he somewhat dwarfs the other Chaplain, even taking in to account the bigger base. 

So details of the two Chaplain's. Lemartes jump pack has been given a nice banner top to add even more presence to him and the other Chaplain has to make do with a lot more subtle changes, although I'm still impressed with my crozius arcanum, which i made myself. 

Having posted up this picture i realise that i haven't painted the chapter symbol on his shoulder pad, that's another item for the to do list!

The other shoulder pad is done luckily. Also, the pack is taken from a DV model, not sure which one but i liked the skulls. In terms of game play, I'm still not sure on what this guy is actually going to do, apart from hang around with one of the captains and a tactical squad, to offer some combat support. How effective are champions? No idea, but every force needs a champion right?

So while these are essentially finished apart from a few details, some of them may see some updates, namely the Sanguinary priest and Novitiate loosing there jump packs, but i will have to have a think about that. I have a feeling I'll just end up building a second Sanguinary priest with out a pack. 

Next up in the show case will be the remnants of what was the command squads.