Friday, 9 June 2017

Marine WIP 4

This is the final chapter in my marine test schemes. The Brazen Hawks are the last chapter to get their paint applied and I'm still not 100% sure about it. I like the bronze color but I think that the balance of color is not right. There are a lot more details on the honor guard figure on the left, but I wanted to keep the models both quite simple and plain, but I don't think it works properly.

The two models

Plasma gunner

I like the plasma gunner model and I'm quite impressed with my first attempt at blending with the plasma coils. It doesn't show up very well in the picture and to be honest probably isn't that great in the flesh, but for a first attempt I think its pretty good. The cabling on the other hand, looks out of place. I think I need to change the colors, possibly switch the yellow for red to keep the color pallet down and not be so contrasting, on the otherhand that was what I was going for. Painting it red will tie it in with the coils though or maybe I just need to add more yellow to tie the cabling in to the rest of the model? Ill probably go for red in the end but ill leave it for a while and see what I think.

Honor guard

This model was the additional model added to 7th edition DV boxsets and makes a nice honor guard model, at least in my opinion anyway. As I mention above, there is a lot more detail on the chest that I could pick out, but I think that will just make it look busy rather than actually enhancing the model. I think I may add some bone coloring to the horns and add some more black to the details, try and break up the metallic color a little.

I am wondering if its just the fact that the model is so shiny, with all the bronze and silver, maybe I need to tone down the silver parts, add in some more contrast.

Of course all this could be a mute point with the imminent  release of 8th. I am planning on getting the starter set and as such some of the new marines. The question is, do these become a new army or join an existing one? Right now the brazen hawks are in danger of finding themselves squatted and reborn.