Friday, 23 June 2017

Eagle knights devastators

So, to continue with the Eagle Knights while I get myself up to speed on 8th. It seems quite simple really, although I don't have all the rule yet, as I only have the free download ones, although I should have the main rule book soon. 

Anyway, here are the devastators. The current squad consists of 3 heavy bolters and two normal marines, one of which plays sergeant. The squad only came about in order to forfil the requirements of the demi-company and that's it. However, I've grown attached to them and so they will more than likely remain, supporting the tactical squads now the restrictions on heavy weapons moving have been reduced. They may also gain another heavy bolters depending upon points. 

The squad

The rifle men (sgt on the right)

The two riflemen, the sergeant on the right, are here to mainly to make the number up. As with the rest of the squad they have chaos style packs and the blue helmets of heavy support. There isn't a lot to say about these guys really, they're your classic marines, resplendent in there orange livery.

The trio of heavy bolters

Again, these boys are classic Devastators, two good poses and one not quite so good, although with the new rules about moving and shooting with heavy weapons, maybe its not such a silly pose after all. Two of these guys are wielding some looted chaos heavy bolter and one is with a standard issue marine bolter, adding to the rag tag chaos/loyalist look, a look that's shared with a lot of the army, as per the back story.

Another shot

As I said at the beginning, these guys were originally just there to fill a slot in the demi company as cheaply as possible, hence the heavy bolter. They were also intended to just camp at the back somewhere and blat away, probably holding an objective at the same time. However, with the new rules for these guys, they will be moving a lot more. I was hoping for the heavy bolter to switch to assault 3 weapons like the deathwatch ones, but the -1 to BS will do. that means a 4+ to hit still, which is still pretty good. I hope that these guys prove as good on the field as I hope!