Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Eagle knights completed test models

8Th edition has been out for about 4 days so far and while I'm still getting to grips with all the 8th stuff, here is a little update to the Eagle Knights.

After priming, basing and then painting all the models orange, I decided to try put some color schemes. For this I chose a couple of random models, a Death Company marine and a Sanguinary Novitiate, both with jump packs. I also decided to add in the novitiates non-jump pack counter part. 

The three chosen models

The sanguinary novitiates 

I chose to go with an old style color scheme for these guys, following the schemes played down I the 2nd edition how to paint guide. So this meant that the novitiates were not going to be all white, but rather still company colored with just white bits, namely shoulder pads and left shin, along with other bits on the packs and arms. While this means that they are not as obvious as some other apothecaries, they still stand out from the rest of the company.

Side details.

I packed out some of the details in red, to give some contrast and their helmets are colored in their squad color, which just happens to be red, but if they had been from another unit, they would have had a different color helmet.

Next up was a death company marine, although for my fluff they are not your classic mad as a march hare death company, more just super angry.

The death comapny

While they are still mostly orange, as per the chapter colors, they do have a certain amount of black on them, more so than the regular marines or assault marines. The normal helmeted models will have an all black helmet as well as the colors shown here. Notice the nod towards the death company?

Death company rear.

While Im happy with the models, there has been a bit of an update with some more of the details on the jump packs painted black, as I look at these pictures I can help but think that the models need a little bit more to make them stand out as 'death company', Im thinking that maybe the lower leg area should be black, similar to the novitiates white shins, also maybe an arm or hand should be black as well, but this may clash with the chaplains and their black torso's and arms.

Ill be looking in to the Knights 8th edition army list soon, bit already its obvious that there will be some changes to the current list, either because the options have changed or because the units themselves have changed. For the moment however, I'm happy with how they are progressing.