Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Happy Birthday to me.

So, if you hadn't guessed,  I've just had my birthday! At the grand old age of 34 most of my birthday present consisted of things for the little men (aka WH40k) or bits for the old banger sitting on the drive (aka the 2004 MG ZS 180 or "taxi lightning race" to the bairns)

So what did I get? Well, nothing really, but in a good way. With 8th being so close, I've asked for the starter set and two of the indicies, the two imperial ones. If I get the set, the plan at the moment is so swap/sell the Nurgle stuff, as its not something I want or collect and its not going to really be possible to convert to a loyalist force, like I could with the old DV chaos marines. Now, I know its a bit cheeky to sell off or swap part of a present, but they would just sit around unused otherwise.

On thing I did get was this;

Ok, so its a little out of date but its been sitting in the cupboard waiting for a while, to long to claim anything back unfortunately. That was mostly my fault as I told the wife to get it early, as I wanted the hard back book and not a soft cover one and was worried that they would sell out before my birthday came around. I was partly right as they did sell out of hard cover ones, but they are also getting rid of them all together! Oh well, I'm looking forward to reading all the fluff! Which from what small bits I have read is really good.

I will update you all if i do indeed get more stuff, for the moment though we are still playing the waiting game.