Friday, 30 June 2017

8th Ed Hjaltland list- astra militarum

So, lets look at the lists, side by side. The lists are the 2000 point lists, and are about as equal as I can get them with the new lists. I'll just put the lists up first and then go through it all after.

CCS 1     Creed
                HW Missile w/Flakk
CCS 2     Commander w/ Aquilla + plasma pistol
                4x vets w/Plasma guns
Primaris Psyker ML 2
Primaris Psyker
Platoon 1            
PCS        commander w/ Bolt gun
                4x guardsmen w/flamer
                Krak grenades
Squad 1 w/Auto cannon + flamer
Squad 2 w/Auto cannon + flamer
Squad 3 w/Auto cannon + flamer
Squad 4 w/Auto cannon + flamer
Platoon 2            
PCS        Commander w/Bolt gun
                4x guardsmen w/grenade launcher
                Krak grenades
Squad 1 w/ flamer + Krak grenade
Squad 2 w/flamer
Squad 3 w/flamer + Krak grenade
Squad 4 w/flamer
Vets      sgt w/bolt pistol
3x Melta guns
                Krak grenades
                Doctrines – Demolitions + Grenadiers
Valkyrie w/MRP
2x Wyvern w/enclosed crew compartment

Aegis w/quadgun


CS1         medipack
                Company commander

CS2         4x vet w/plasma
                psyker w/stave
                psyker w/stave
                commissar w/pistol
                commissar w/pistol
                Platoon commander w/botlgun
SWS       3x flamers
Squad 1 w/Auto cannon + flamer + vox
Squad 2 w/Auto cannon + flamer + vox
Squad 3 w/Auto cannon + flamer + vox
Squad 4 w/Auto cannon + flamer + vox
                Platoon Commander w/boltgun
SWS      3x grenade
Squad 1 w/ flamer + vox
Squad 2 w/ flamer + vox
Squad 3 w/ flamer + vox
Squad 4 w/ flamer + vox
Vets      Sgt w/bolt pistol
                3x melta guns
                Vox caster
Valkyrie w/mrp + multilaser
Valkyrie w/mrp + multilaser
Wyvern w/heavy bolter
Wyvern w/Heavy Flamer

Aegis w/quad gun


So, there have been a few changes, mostly along the lines I spoke about in the last post. There are a few things to note though. The vets have lost there doctrines, which is about 45 points worth, and their 4+ save, which is a shame, also loosing the 4+ saves are the two command squads. This is a shame as it does reduce their survivability, even with the new Ap system. One of the command squads also lost the missile launcher and the other a relic, namely the Aquila (for preferred enemy rerolls on the plasma, not that I use to actually remember it!). Oh, and vendetta has changed in to another Valkyrie. Pretty much everything else is as it was. These changes account for about 150 points or so, maybe a little bit more but the list is nearly 200 down. This is due to some price reductions. The big ones are the command squads, although the vets and some of the characters. Plasma is the big winner, halving in cost, although the points saved is spent on the autocannons and flamers, which have gone up in price, also the inclusion of vox casters in every squad adds points. Switching some of the squad, the command squads to special weapon squads actually didn't do much to the cost, just the cost of dropping a weapon. All in all the list still need altering slightly, above what I have already done. I think that unless they bring back the ability to combine squads, I will need to up the two platoon commanders to company commanders, in order to give me access to more orders, probably running one close to a few of squads, so he can move between them all as necessary, the vox casters will help.

The two big issues that I have now though is the inclusion of creed in the list and the fact that it doesn't fit in to one detachment. As for Creed, I took him for the bonus that he gave me, the free rerolls for orders, plus the additional order and extra warlord trait. All of these things made him worth the points in my opinion, but some of his abilities have gone, i.e. free orders, but he has gained extra command points. Now, how useful this is I have no idea, as I haven't played a game yet but lots of people are saying how powerful command points are. So for the moment I'll keep him in and make my decision after a few games. As for the detachments, with the change in the roles of some of units, the redoing of platoons and the splitting up of the command squads, I now have significant amounts of troops and elites. in total I recon I have 4 HQ, 13 Elite and 8 Troop. This means that I can fill up most of the requirements for the Brigade Detachment, but not the heavy support or fast attack, at least not with out taking tax units. On the other hand would struggle to take 2 Battalion detachments as I would still have to many elite choices. The same can be said for the Battalion and Vanguard detachments. maybe I need to think about 3 detachments?

I have also been looking at other options and I'm very keen to see if I can get some extra units in to the force, specifically Ratlings. Now, this may involve some cuts in other places when I get hold of all the rules I need. I think that snipers are going to be important this issue and as I have 9 Ratlings sitting in a box, I thought that I might use them.

I'm hopeful that the new Codex will be out sooner rather than later and I can polish off the edges on the list.