Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Marine WIP 3

Recently, I've had a bit of time to hit the paint table.  While the Eagle knights are the main objective this year, i have taken some time to put some paint on my test models for the Emperors Disciples and Stone Dragons. 

First up are the Stone Dragons. I've done a Tac Marine, or Grey Hunter if you will, and a Rune Priest. I chose these model for no other reason than I felt like it, plus I thought it would be cool to paint up the Ruin Priest. 

The two models

The two models are classic DV models and the libby makes a good Ruin Priest. I'm pretty happy with these two models, there basic, especially the Tac marine, but I like the look. I still have to do the finishing touches and shadings. I also have to decide on a emblem for the Dragons.

The Ruin Priest is a lot busier of the two models, as one would expect from a Libby/Priest. I haven't changed anything about the DV model, not that I really think it needs it. I've tried to highlight as many of the details as I could as well.

I like the overall effect of the two models and I think that the scheme doesn't really need any adjustment. I think the colour balance of the back packs may need a bit of adjustment but that's about it.

Next up are the two models for the Disciples. These have been on before, but they have had some adjustment, mostly to tone down the yellow on the tabard things? (anyone know what there actually called?) The original yellow was just too much for the models, along side the original yellow head of the command squad model. So the original yellow helmet was toned down but I've painted up the yellow tabards red. I think that this looks so much better and it ties in the bolters and shoulder pads too.

The models

I'm now happier with these models now, and think that this is the final colour scheme for the Disciples.

As for when these models actually get some company, that's anyone's guess. I'll keep pushing on with the Knights for the moment but I'm hoping to get some more paint onto the Hawks and see what there completed colours scheme looks like.