Friday, 21 April 2017

The lost game - Hjaltland LI vs Necrons

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that blogger had decided to delete the text of one of my posts. To be fair, it wasn't all bloggers fault, I tried to undo some typing and used the key short cut (ctrl + z) and I pressed it once to many. now normally, nothing happens, but for some reason, it deleted all my text and pictures and pressing redo and trying to paste did nothing. However, blogger redeemed itself a little by holding the pictures in the archive. So here they are, I've tried to fill in what I can remember, but this game happen way, way back in September! 

Set up, main guard blob in the middle, flanking force on the right. Some neurons on the far side.

Reserves, ready to rain death from above.

The majority of the necron force, small but powerful none the less.

The royal court, not a clue who they all are now.

First strike. Everything ran, apart from the royal court who did a deep strike thing right up to the flank of the blob squad.

Blob getting decimated by the court and wraiths.

Assaulting the royal court, I remember it didn't go as badly as I though it might.

Court jumps sides, tries again, but is down to just 3 members now.

Wraiths taking out the quad gun crew. 

Fire fight in the sky, vendettas are harder to kill than you think!

Royal court assault mk2 and only one model remains.

Close up shot.

The flyer came in and destroyed the squad to the rear, who were trying to join in the combat. By this point the wraiths had been dealt with.

End game and a 2+ save and a 4+ reanimation on T5 W3 model proved too much for the guard.

If I remember right I did actually win this match,mostly due to the flanking squad picking up points for me, along with the pcs in the vendetta. The necrons were too small a force to be able to fight and claim objectives.

Hopefully the next game I play I will be able to do another right up, a proper one again.