Tuesday, 11 April 2017

8th edition marines

Ok, so now were on to the other forces in my collection, the marines, or more specifically the Angels of Death (that's the original Angels of Death, the Blood Angels and Dark Angels).

I'll start with the Blood Angels, for no other reason than there my favioured of the two. Now, ill admit that my knowledge of the angels is not as good as my knowledge of the guard, so this will not be as in depth as the previous ones.

So, what units would I change or amend? Well, in my opinion the BA dont really have much of an issue in this department. There are a few odd choices, as in why are priests and techmarines HQ choices? I still think they should be non-FOC slots, not that that really means a lot with detachments and formations. The only real issue I see is that some of the units are the same as the main marine codex, yet they cost a lot more, ie terminators. Now, some will argue for the red thrust and all, but its effectively a chapter tactic and not an extra special rule. The other main Issue is the flyers. Now the vanilla marines have 3 flyers, but so far the BA's only have the one. Access to one of the fighter variants, or even a different version would be good but I think just the usual ones will be most likely. There is also the issue of hunters and stalkers, as the blood angels dont possess any anti-air capacity at the moment. It would be nice to get access to these weapons, or similar ones, to give us a chance against flyers. Then their is the issue of centurions and grave Dev's, both of which we dont have access to, but to be honest I'm happy not having them. I feel that they are not required, as there are other tools the Blood Angels have access to instead.

Having mentioned a number of units above, I think there is one thing that really needs to be said, I dont want the Blood Angels to just be red marines. In many respects I would like the next codex to move further away from the main codex. Yes, the Blood Angels are codex compliant for the most part, but we have enough special units to make us different. An anti-air platform based on the Baal predator would work and a flyer, based on the stormtalon would also be good. In sure with a few upgrades it could be achieved. All this would put a lot of the individual feeling back in to the Blood Angels which I feel is starting to be lost. We have librarian dreads, and close combat specific dreads, Baal preds and then there is the death company and the sanguinary guard, all units not in the main codex. Adding in new units to fill the current gaps, anti-air and attack figher, plus a few alterations to some existing units, terminators mainly, and I think things would good.

One other thing I would like to mention is heavy bolters. I really hope they change all the heavy bolters profiles to assault 3, as this would not only make them useful again but would also be really useful to my army!

I haven't got the Angels Blade supplement, but from what I know, the detachments are pretty good and I expect to see most, if not all of it carried over in to the new codex.

Ok, so Blood Angels rant over with, lets move on to the other Angels, the Dark Angels. Now this is a lot harder for me to do, mostly as I feel that the DA are pretty good where they are. They currently have a good codex with some good formations, yes there are some problems, no codex is perfect but there fixable.

There seems to be two main issues that I see mentuined over and over again, that the flyers are over priced and that you can't play pure deathwing. Now in regards to the flyers, I'm not sure that there over priced, yes there weapons are not the greatest but on the whole I think there where they should be, adding some special ammo (hellfire shells maybe) and adding armourbane to the missiles might be nice, give them that extra versatility and punch, but I think that there not far off the mark. As for running deathwing solo, you can, you just can't really run the formation from what I understand. In addition to this, there maybe a case for saying that terminator's are over priced compared to vanilla marines, but I think that they are pretty well priced for their rules. One unit I would like to see changed slightly are the company vets, as I would like to see special ammo made available, even if its just hellfire shells for their boltguns. Ok, so there supposed to be more of a vanguard vet squad rather than a sternguard squad, but the DA don't have access to special ammo, which I think wrong.

Right, I think I'm out of things to say on these guys. It want as in depth as the others, but that mostly because I'm not as invested in these boys as I am with my Guard. This year may change all that as the BA/Eagle Knights are the main painting challange and will feature onthe table top a bit more often.