Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Marine WiP 2

So I got some more brush time the other day and decided to concentrate on one set of models. The first set I laid my hands on happened to be the Emperors Disciples, so I ran with it. Now, the two models are a sternguard and a command squad and I felt that I needed to give them something extra from the base marine.

The base marine color scheme.

I know I needed to change a few bits, the yellow eyes really don't work! But overall I like the scheme. So, my first attempts looked something like this;

Models primed and base colors painted.

The sternguard on the left looks ok, the robe needs some work and there's some details, metal chains and stuff that need painting, but on the whole, I like it. I think that I will be taking this scheme through it the rest of the sternguard. The command squad model however, looks off and its all down to the helmet. It just looks rubbish, like a big yellow melon plonked on the top, it really had to go.

Take 2.

With the main helmet blue again and also the back pack toned down, two yellow stripes rather than a big block of color, and I think the model sits a lot better. It will still stand out, as both fists are yellow, not just the left. 

Although both models are not finished, needing the details filling out, chains, badges and markings at the very least, I'm pretty happy with the colors, the only thing that may change is the yellow robe, it may end up red, but that's still to be decided. Hopefully ill get some time soon to finish these two models off.

While I was waiting for paint to dry, I based these two models, the left in Ratskin flesh and the right in Jeakero orange, as there supposed to be different colors (at lest they are on the chart I found). However, they look the same to me! In the daylight, there is a subtle difference though, the orange is, well, more orange and slightly lighter, but I'm still not convinced. Next up will be painting Troll Slayer orange on top of both of them to see how they look then.

Ill let you know when I get around to it!