Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Inquisition fluff update

As you may have noticed, I have been updating much of my fluff over the last few weeks, adding somemore details and depth to the armies and also adding new armies to the list. So of the eagle eyed readers may have noticed that I have updated the inquisition fluff as well, taking in to account the changes to their codex or rather, codex: imperial agents. This has lead to a slight redo for main inquisitors  and the addition of a third inquisitor, in order to cover all 3 of the main ordos within the inquisition.

Image result for inquisition symbol

One of the main reprocussions of this is the abandonment of a full on deathwatch army list, something that I was never overly keen on, as I didn't really have the models and I didn't want to buy loads of new ones. With the release of codex imperial agents, I can still get units of deathwatch in, simply by using the chambers militant. This means I can make small units to go with the inquisitors, and actually add in more flavor and fluff, a win win situation if you ask me!

So, whose getting added?

Well, the heretics will have to deal with the order of the golden orb, a sub order of the order of the bloody rose from the convent sanctorum. A small order, from a small convent in the segmentum Parcificus. The convent will be centered around a relic, surprisingly a golden orb, that was supposed to have been held by a saint.

The xenos will face the wrath of squad Krupp, a squad of deathwatch veterans drawn mostly from the forces known to inquisitor Etiennia. Many of the veterans originally fought along side the inquisitor when they were part of their chapter and impressed enough to be requested in to the deathwatch. There will be some controversy about the vet squad, as in their legitimacy, as they are used more as a personal army than as part of the deathwatch.

Finally the daemons of the warp will have to face the Grey knights of 7th brotherhood. Now, this is where I may go off topic slightly, so to speak, as I will most likely not take the chamber militant on this one, as it means terminator's, which I have, but not with the required weapons, as all of my spares are carrying chainfists. I may well go with the deamonhunter strike force and use a strike squad. Although this leaves me an issue as well, as they need storm bolters. I could just leave out the Grey knights, but I think it would be cool to have some in the collection somewhere.

With the redistribution of the various henchmen warbands that I currently have to forfil the new warbands setup in c:ia, and the addition of the chambers militant, I should be able to form some nice small (500 point) armies to add to my other forces to provide some fluffy and fun forces for some naritive type games.