Friday, 7 April 2017

8th edition Militarum tempestus

To follow on from my previous post about the guard in 8th, this post will look at the new Militarum Tempestus faction, or sub-faction if you will. Firstly, there are two options as to which way the codex will go in 8th, either the codex will continue on its own and grow in both size and units or the codex will disappear, rolled back in to the guard codex. If the codex is rolled back in to the guard codex, which is possible as the units are still in the guard codex, then expect to see a number of formations that are specific to the MT, enabling them to be fielded on their own. However, I think that the codex will remain a stand alone codex but gain some more options, namely in the HQ and support sections.

So, assuming that they remain a stand alone codex, what new u its will they get or at least should get and what units need changing or amending? First off, lets look at the current units and there's not many of them. Of the units that are in the book, there really is only two that I think need some sort of adjusting; The taurox and command squad. 

The taurox doesn't need adjusting as such, is more to do with the options for the vehicle equipememt that need adjusting. This is the same gripe as I had for the guard version, where some of the options are over priced for what they do. A small price reduction on certain options would be useful but again this is a minor issue really. The big issue is with the command squad. This is essentially a platoon command squad that had been raised from the troops choices to the HQ choices, but nothing has been done to allow for this move. They are in a sense exactly the same. In the Guard MT platoon, they perform there function perfectly well, but in the MT codex they are lacking. This is mainly due to orders, or the lack of. With only one order per turn still, they lack the punch that they deserve. The fact that they cost more than the equivalent guard PCS and more than the better guard CCS is negative. Now I sent believe that they need a points drop, just an extra order to make them the command squad they should be.

In addition to these changes, I would like to see some extra units appear. As it stands now the codex had some food options in the fast attack bracket with the primes and valks, but they still lack some proper punch. Now the army is supposed to be a light and fast moving army, so the likes of the LRBT is out of the question, but the vendetta would fit perfectly.  This would give some proper anti-armour, yet still keep the fluff and be easy to insert in to the heavy support options. Yes I said heavy support and not fast, as this is where I see it sitting in the MT structure, as a support weapon, not a strike weapon. The scions are the strike force and the vendetta comes along after to deal with any heavy armour that turns up. In a similar vain, I'd like to see heavy weapons squads back. We use to have them when were were talking about stormtroopers but they dissapeared a codex or 2 back. Dropping the squads in as a heavy support choice would be good to my mind, offering a range of options to deal with a number of threats that the MT's just can't deal with effectively right now. Yes, the taurox primes do a good job, but there is little dedicated along range anti-armour and no non line-of-sight weapons. Being able to add some lascannons or mortars would be great, as it would expand the options dramatically. Dropping a three weapon squad in as a heavy support choice would keep the fluff but give options.

Old HWT (pic of google, picclick UK, but I lost the link to add it in properly!)

So with points and units covered, we'll move on to formations and detachments and I don't expect there to be massive changes. We have the air assault and ground assault formations, which aren't bad formations, so we'll see them again, but I think we'll gain a few others, both smaller and bigger. I'm not sure if we'll see a detachment or not, there really isn't much to go on, as there isn't much in each section to use. This would basically mean we'd end up with a detachment version of the CAD, with command being HQ, core being troops and auxiliary being either taurox or valkyrie. That is unless they add in vendettas and HWT squads, then we might see some extra bits. I do expect a deep strike formation with some sort of deep strike bonus (re-rolls or D6 scatter) and a large scale formation including both armored and air assault formations combined.

Overall, I'm hopeful for the MT's in the next edition and just hope they get a few more tools for the tool box to really make them an army capable of dealing with any threat.