Friday, 3 February 2017

unit cards 40k app

The Unit Cards 40k App is something I found a while a go and have had on my phone for sometime, even though I have only mrules handful of cards at the moment, which I haven't even printed off!

So what is the app? Well as you can see from the card above, for my MoO, its a reference card maker. I plan on making (and printing) cards for all my units and characters, so that I have a very quick in game system to check stats and wargear without having to keep looking through the BRB or Codex. While I might not be able to get every rule for every units on the cards, I should be able to get the important ones and a basic outline of the rule.

I plan on making various cards, some specific such as like the MoO, and Creed and some generic ones, such as for infantry squads and heavy weapons teams.

Short and to the point, including everything I need when combined with the stats on the card. I won't produce a card for every infantry squad, just one set that will work with all units, hence the sgt and HWT having separate cards, as these can change depending upon the unit. Ill also do ones for flamers and meltas along with any other weapons that I have. The same will apply to the vehicles, a vehicle will only get a new card if its weapons load is different from the normal.

I will hopefully get cards sorted for all my factions, all in different colors, so there all easy to tell one from the other.

Granted, these are not really needed most of the time as I know my army rules, but there useful reminders and good to be able to show my opponent if there are any queries. When I actually get around to producing all the cards is another matter entirely!