Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Stone Dragons fluff

Following on from the Brazen Hawks fluff and list last week, here is the Stone Dragons Fluff.

Why Was The Chapter Founded - 
Counter an Ork threat
When Was The Chapter Founded - 
24th or 25th founding
Who was the Chapter's Progenitor - 
Unknown but believed to be Ultramarines
Fortress-Monastery - 
Voyagers Keep
Colours - 
Gray and yellow
Gene-seed purity - 
Chapter Demeanour - 
No mercy, no respite
Gene-seed mutation - 
Chapter's Flaw - 
Minor flaws, including vocal alterations and skin and eye discolouration
Chapter homeworld - 
Voyagers end
Chapter organisation - 
Unique small crusading forces
Combat doctrine - 
Shock and awe
Special equipment - 
Beastial companions and combat knife
Chapters' beliefs - 
Purity of man
Chapter strength - 
Chapter friendly - 
Black templars, Ultramarines,
Chapter's enemies - 
orks and dark elder, inquisition
Battle Cry - 
Let none live

The Stone Dragons are a rather unique chapter of space marines, due to the fact that the chapter is split up into crusading forces, some as small as a couple of squads of marines up to several hundred marines joining together for a specific campaign before disbanding again.

The Stone Dragons are spread all over the galaxy, although they do maintain a home world and a fortress monastery on the world of Voyagers End. Here, the chapter recruit and train the numerous initiates taken from the tribes that live on the planet. Once a recruit has received their basic training they are attached to a crusading force, from this point on they will receive all their training from veterans within crusading force.

The chapters origins are relatively unknown. They are a very recently founded chapter and they believe they are of Ultramarines gene stock. What is known is that the chapter was formed to guard against an ork warband, Zobgitz' Raidin Pirate mob, and a dark eldar pirate band, the kabal of the bloody night, however, both of these threats were eliminated before the chapter had been fully established. It was decreed that the chapter would still fight these forces, as such the chapter organised into crusading forces to hunt down dark eldar and ork pirates all across the galaxy.

Generic Stone Dragon. Most marines have modified armour and carry the heraldry of the crusade commander.

Again, this will be a small force, and again its mostly just for fluff reasons that the force exists. The force will be based on the Space Wolfs codex, but will take as little from the fluff and codex specific units as I can. I realise that some people don't like the whole SW successor chapters thing, and neither do I really, but I think that as long as your sensible, ie no wolfs and stuff, then you can quite easily make a force out of the remaining units and keep it all generic enough not to be an actual SW successor.