Friday, 17 February 2017

Fluff update

Fluff in all its flavours!
(Ok not the picture I was going for, but couldn't resist!)

Well, I've spent the last few weeks looking through the fluff for my various armies and also looking at the changes to the fluff and armies that Codex Imperial Allies has brought. While I don't have the codex to hand, it is sitting on a shelf somewhere in the house, patiently waiting for my birthday to come around (its a while to wait!). I will be starting to put together a number of Inquisition warbands however and many of the games I play this year will add to the fluff and the storyline of the Hjaltland saga. I've also changed a few of the armies structures and roles and so the fluff needs to be updated to bring it in line with the new army lists. This change is partly model based and partly as rules based. I didn't see a need for several demi-companies, so have skinned down my non-primary armies.

So what have I changed? Quite a bit in some cases, in others not a lot. Here a quick run down of the changes;

I have updated the fluff for the Hjaltland campaign as well as Hamnavoe system. Mostly just general updates and details.


Knights - minor updates to the basic fluff, mostly just going more in depth with it all. The 3rd company gets an update to bring it inline with the new formations from Angels Blade.

Disciples - updated the basic fluff, again just adding details. The 15th company fluff gets a major overhaul to bring it online with the updated and reduced army list.

Guardians - again mostly a basic update to the basic fluff.

Dragons - all new fluff, with details of chapter and their homeworld.

Hawks - more new fluff and also details of the "fall of the 8th"


Dagr Ormr - basic fluff update to add more details, plus a short piece on their equipment

Hjaltland LI - added more details and depth

Hrossey-  again just more detail and depth to the fluff

Hildasay PDF - all new fluff for these boys,

In addition to these, the Inquisition are getting a fluff update to bring them inline with the changes in Codex Imperial Allies. So there will be an additional inquisitor, one for each of the main factions. In addition, I have used the various online leaks to start building the fluff and lists for my small deathwatch, Grey knights and sisters units, to escort the various inquisitors end there warbands, plus I will be adding in my assassins as well, mostly just because I want to. All the inquisitors lists will be 500 point, meaning I should be able to drop them in to 1500 or 2000 point lists quite happily.

Well, that's the basic fluff updates, the relevant pages should already be updates and the others will hopefully follow shortly. Up next will be the fluff and army lists for both the dragons and hawks.

(Edit: All updates are now done, only 9 hours late!)