Friday, 24 February 2017

Brazen Hawks list

So following on from the fluff that I posted for these guys, here is the list I intend to build. It will be a small force, just 500 points. The purpose of this list and the army collection is just to add some flavor and fun to my collection. I would like to think that they will come out to play occasionally as an allied force but we shall see. At least, coming in at 16 models it should be simple to build and paint!

The fluff revolves around the Templars and this is reflected in the list, using BT chapter tactics and units. Also, most of the units are heated towards close combat, with the crusaders having pistols and swords as well.

So here is the 500 point allied detachment list using Black Templars chapter tactics.

Chaplin - Plasma Pistol, Crozius Arcanum

Honour guard - Chapter champion, 2x power swords, 2x power axe, Rhino

Crusader squad - Flamer, 4x Initiates w/chainswords, Rhino

Devastator squad - 2x Plasma Cannon

Short and sweet.

So, a chaplain to lead,well its a BT list and apart from the Emperors Champion there isnt really many choices and being a BT lits it ad to contain a crusader squad. I also put a honour guard in, granted in a 500 point list it forms a bog points sink. When running with the chaplain, the unit will be over half the points cost for the army. The Dev's are only 2 guns strong, as there was no points for any more, but 2 plasma cannons can still cause problems. The idea was a small combat army with good mobility, which I think I have achieved while keeping the BT feel. In the long term, if they ever did get reinforced (say another 500 points) it was be extra crusaders and a Land Raider. In a 2000 point list, there would be at least 2 if not 3 land raiders, but that is a long long way off!