Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Brazen Hawks fluff

Brazen Hawk

Ok, this is the fluff for the Brazen hawks, for those that haven't already checked out their page. It is mostly the same, just condensed a little for the post, the full fluff is up on their page. I will also post up the Stone Dragons fluff next week, before going in to the reasons behind creating these forces and there army lists.

Why Was The Chapter Founded - 
Standing Force 
When Was The Chapter Founded - 
23rd Founding
Who was the Chapter's Progenitor - 
Imperial Fists
Fortress-Monastery -  
Colours - 
None, Penitence crusade

Gene-seed purity - 
Chapter Demeanour - 
Suffer Not The Works Of Heretics
Gene-seed mutation - 
No known mutations
Chapter's Flaw - 
Faith in Suspicion
Chapter home world - 
None, stripped due to penitence crusade
Chapter organisation - 
Unique - Black Templar's
Combat doctrine - 
Stealth and Close Combat
Special equipment - 
Blessed War gear
Chapters' beliefs - 
The Emperor above all else
Chapter strength - 
Understrength due to penitence crusade
Chapter friendly - 
Black Templar's
Chapter's enemies - 
Inquisition, Slaanesh,
Battle Cry - 

For Honour, For the Emperor
The Brazen Hawks have by all accounts, including those of Terra, the Inquisition and even the chapters own, ceased to exist. There has been no active sighting of a battle brother of the brazen hawks for more than 300 years. However, the chapter is not extinct, at least not yet. There remains a hand full of battle brothers. However, there is hope on the horizon, the 606 year penitence crusade is almost over and the gene seed of the chapter is stable and pure.

The chapter is nearing the end of a penitent crusade as a result of treachery from within their own ranks, when the company captain of the 8th, an old and disgruntled veteran, tried to usurp the chapter master. The resultant civil war was bloody and protracted and the Hawks became more interested in their own affairs that that of the imperium and deserted their duty and allowing a xenos threat to run rampant. This incurred the full wrath of the inquisition, resulting in a penitent crusade, and so the chapter reorganised themselves into a Templar's style crusader force and took many of the Templar's beliefs and ideologies.

The chapter was originally a successor of the imperial fists, created as a standing force to guard against an unknown threat from the ghoul stars on the eastern fringe, as divined by the Emperor's Tarot.

Why did I start this force? I decided that I wanted some more variety in the marine forces that I had in my collection. I was originally looking at 3 full 2000 point lists, two based around demi companies, and I thought that it was a little bit excessive. I therefore cut down one of the lists, the Emperors Disciples, but that left me with some extra marines. As I wanted to do something different with them, I had a think and came up with the Hawks and Dragons. The lists are small, as to enable them to slip into various army lists with out much problem, they may not be optimised at all, but its more about the fluff then anything else.