Friday, 27 January 2017

NI4 Friendly game 2

My last game of the weekend, and another fun game against a young opponent. After my last defeat I was hoping for a better showing from the Knights, it didn't happen, it went from bad to worse! Still i had fun.

This game used my standard 1500 point list, so basically the same as the last game but only 2x tac squads and one 5x man and one 10x man assault squad, command squad and captain, 5x man DC squad with Lemartes and a 5x man vanguards squad with sanguine priest.

Ill appoligise now, this was my 6th game of the weekend and I was fed up with taking notes or even proper pictures, so things are a little confused and I think I've got the pictures right! I normally take pictures of dice with the relevant turn numbers on but this game i don't seem to have taken any but for turn 1 and turn 5!

Usually I take a picture like this, my dice on my side and my opponents on the other. So thus is my turn 5 and my opposition has only had 4 turns, so it the top of turn 5. 

Deployment and turn 1

My deployment was simple, one 5 man tac squad in the ruin on the right again and one 5 man tac squad in tthel ruin, with the command squad and captain behind. A similar setup to lasttime. 

Turn 1 was not very long or very interesting, as I had little on the board my opposition moved up as much as possible and shot only the long range stuff, in return I had a few pot shots but neither of us did any real damage.

Turn 2

Turn 2 and the reserves arrived. My opponent dropped a unit of raptors (the assault marine) on my left near my command squad. The result of which was fairly obvious as the squad was decimated, although the command squad took some hits too. Mostly from the marines that piled out of the rhinos behind.

The whirlwind is actually a rhino.

The majority of the attack came on my left flank with 3 rhinos driving at the command squad and tactical squad on that side. Fire was returned and damage done, but there were a lot of bodies on the table.

End of turn 2

Turn 3

My left flank was already in tatters atthis point. Most of the tac squad was dead and the command squad was down to half strength. The enemy also had the advantage of numbers. As it goes in these games, my opposition decided to tank shock my warlord and the last member 0f the command squad, nothing happened as they jumped out the way, only to charge in and try and gain vengeance, which they failed miserably at.

Command squad and warlord pre tank shock.

Can't remember what was going on here, but these guys had just lost a member (him having a nap) after destroying the squad that was hiding in the ruins behind. I think it was as a result of an assault.

This shows that scale of the task. A couple of marine in the ruins against a horde of chaos marines, defiantly 2 squander but maybe 3!

The newly arrived vanguard vets taking on some of the chaos.

Turn 4

At this point inthe game it was pretty evident that I was loosing. Still i decided to just have some fun. The assaultmarines who had turned up last turn charged the dread and got mushed well and truly. the vanguard vets and the death company were not doing much better either, both having taken a pummeling.

The assault marines last stand. At least they immobilized it before getting squished. 

The defiler taking a chunk out of the vets.

The aftermath of the assault marines heroic last charge. 

How many Knights can you count? I count 6! 2 death company, 2 vanguard vets, 2 command squad!

Turn 5

The mopping up! At this stage in the game it was all. I was well and truly defeated. My warlord was charged and despite taking down a few chaos marines, it was all to much and he was slain. However, I gotmy own back a bit by taking out the defiler! It was pure luck, the dice gods decided to give me a little consolation prize and saw fit to grant me 3 6's on the pen rolls, which combined with the power mauls and furious charge was just enough to dispatch the monster.

Not sure why this is upside down! The captains last stand.

The DC prepare to charge, the Vanguards in front went first to soak up the overwatch.

Not quite end game but almost, just the Warlords combat to resolve.

So, after 5 turns it was a pretty decisive loss! I only had 4 models on the board! 2 Vets and 2 DC, and goodness knows how many enemy models. I really enjoyed the game, it was a bit of a roller coaster, mostly a downwards one! I think that I could have played a lot better in the last two games, but I was just out to have fun and give a couple of kids a game. Had I taken my Hjaltland LI I don't think I would have won, at least not convincingly, as they were just plain old "run around and kill things" games, not objective based.

Even despite these losses, the whole weekend was a really good weekend, filled with a lot of fun games against some very friendly opponents at a great venue. Roll on next year!