Friday, 6 January 2017

2016 review

So its that time of year again, and I thought I would start off looking at last years resolutions and see if I actually achieved anything?

For my 2016 plan I kept things pretty simple in an attempt to ensure that I actually achieved some of my goals! Is what did I manage to achieve?

1) Try and model up all the missing models from the various army lists - I've been fairly successful with this one, as I've finished the Hjaltland LI, modeled up the Hrossey MV, the Dagr Ormr and the Emperors Diciples, and have just started painting up the Eagle Knights. The Dark Guardians are still in limbo with only a few models done.

2) Sell models I don't need! I really need to do this! - Er, no, didn't manage this at all, I even gained more models this year with the Betrayal of Calth. Lucky the Burning of Pospero has mk3 Iron armour in which i don't like, otherwise I'd have even more models!

3) Try and base coat some of the models, so at least I can place them on the table together with out getting confused with what model belongs to what army. - This one would be a no, as I said above Hjaltland LI are done but nothing else has seen paint apart from a few Dagr Ormr models that were already primed.

4) Play some games! - got this one done! Played a few games this year, even won a tournament.

So overall I'm at about 50/50, which isn't great! I think I may have gone to general with the plan, so I'm going to try again this year and see what I can achieve.

I thought that I would also look back further to 2015 and see whether i have achieved anything from that year yet!

1) Finish painting my Hjaltland LI, I'm slowly but surely getting there but I need to go faster. - Done! Only took a year longer than I had hoped!

2) Base coat all vehicles, should be easy with an air brush! I've got a few done, but need to get the rest sorted. I'll try and get some of the details done as well. - Nope, still not completed this one!

3) Start on Eagle Knights, I'll probably start with one of the formation, as they'll be easier to complete and I want to use them anyway- This one is done! And there getting ready for painting.

4) Not buy any more models I don't really need! Not sure this one will last but I'll try and it'll link in with the next resolution. - not really relevant but fail anyway with the purchase of Betrayal at Calth

5) Sell off models I don't need, there only taking up space and will provide money towards supplies and paint. - Still failing to achieve this one.

6) Get some pictures up here, its all very nice talking about my models and army fluff, but it'd be nice to get some pics up here. - I think I have been doing pretty well with this one again this year.

So 2 years down the line and I'm still failing at half of these! This means that I'm at 50/50 with my aims for that last two year, I think I'm going to have to sept up my game for this year!