Friday, 2 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Right, new year has been and gone and like many people I have made my resolutions. Most revolve around the game, in fact I think they all do!

1) Finish painting my Hjaltland LI, I'm slowly but surely getting there but I need to go faster.

2) Base coat all vehicles, should be easy with an air brush! I've got a few done, but need to get the rest sorted. I'll try and get some of the details done as well.

3) Start on Eagle Knights, I'll probably start with one of the formation, as they'll be easier to complete and I want to use them anyway.

4) Not buy any more models I don't really need! Not sure this one will last but I'll try and it'll link in with the next resolution.

5) Sell off models I don't need, there only taking up space and will provide money towards supplies and paint.

6) Get some pictures up here, its all very nice talking about my models and army fluff, but it'd be nice to get some pics up here.

I'm sure that not all of these resolutions will be kept, but I'll start off the year with good intentions.